Moroccan Spice Market


For our Q1 KAL, we invited our knitters to knit-a-long with us on any Melanie Berg pattern. The response was amazing and will go down in ESK history as our most popular KAL! From Solaris shawls to Qwist Mitts, we saw so many of Melanie’s designs brought to life. You all truly knocked our socks off with your talent and eye for combining colors. We would like to feature one special project, Moroccan Spice Market by Jess in Tennessee AKA SweetBirchDesigns. Read along to hear all about how she gathered inspiration from her personal life to create this wonderful shawl.

spice9_medium2Jess was immediately drawn to the pattern On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg because of her love of cooking and baking. She speaks of her passion for cooking so eloquently:
“When I first started dating my husband, he introduced me to spices like curry, cumin and cardamom. I had never really had these before and it literally enlivened me to explore cooking because there were so many wonderful possibilities. As I gained more cooking experience, I started experimenting with many more spices like cloves, cardamom, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg and fell in love with each one for the fragrant qualities that they can impart to food and how they compliment different elements of a dish. I loved the On the Spice Market Shawl because it possessed a familiarity and I knew that I wanted to knit it from the start. I wanted colors that would embody the joy, excitement and wonder that I remembered when I first experienced the taste of something new and so began a search for the perfect colors. Morocco is known for their spice markets and I have always envisioned the wonderful smells that must greet one’s senses upon arrival and not only spices but beautiful colors of all kinds fill the atmosphere. So with that in mind, I wanted colors that reminded me of my favorite spices but also segued into the beautiful colors that surround the markets.
I finally settled on a combination of Madelinetosh Twist Light and Tosh Sock in different colors: The Fox & Cardinal for many curries that I love; Oscuro & Weathered Frame for cloves, cinnamon and allspice; finally Mineral, Esoteric & Havana as a small sampling of the beautiful blues and greens in the spice market.”

spice5_medium2Jess wrapped herself in things that bring her joy. Try this for your next project. What things make you happy? A special fabric? A pack of pens you use every day? The sunset at your favorite beach destination? Draw the colors from those and use them to make a keepsake that will remind you of  whatever pleases you.

“I enjoyed knitting the shawl because with each stitch I was knitting a memory of things that have become dear to me. Every time I wear my shawl or look at it, it takes me back to those fragrant memories of wonder that I experienced years ago. I look forward to new discoveries in the future but relish the wonder and amazement of the little things of past and present.”

We would like to thank Jess for allowing us to share her project and we hope it serves as guidance and inspiration for your next keepsake!

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