Eat Sleep Knit … Under Construction

Hey all. Erin here, with some really exciting news! I’ll admit, I’ve been holding out a little on you. This has been in the works for a while now, but I wanted to wait to say anything. Until I was sure it was actually happening. So many balls were in the air and there was always so much that could go horribly wrong. But everything just keeps going right, and we can now very confidently say that Eat Sleep Knit is getting its very own, brand-new building, coming in Summer 2017!

It all started out so simply – we were looking for a new space to rent when our lease was up. We’ve been in our current location for five years, and our business has grown and changed a lot in those years. We’ve far outgrown the original concept where I was, I guess for all eternity, planning to just sell yarn online out of my closet or something, (I know, it sounds insane to me now too. I just had no idea!) and the retail portion of our current space is getting tinier by the minute. We have a lot of yarn we want to add and nowhere to put it!

Except, it turns out, the market for affordably-priced 10k+ square foot office/retail space is laughably small. It may not even exist. Warehouse spaces are typically too big with very little actual heated and cooled space. Retail spaces are typically way too small at prices that are 3-6 times what we’re currently paying. And none of the locations of anything remotely suitable were any better than our current one.

But there was this empty lot near my house, a lot that had been for sale the entire time we’ve lived here, a lot which was, we figured, likely a terrible lot or it would have been bought already. Or maybe it was insanely overpriced. Or maybe it was terrible for a lot of people but good for us, and a few phone calls later confirmed that we could probably even afford it, and a miracle was born. Or the beginnings of one, anyway.

What happened next was maybe the craziest thing I have done in my life; far crazier than quitting my very good job to sell specialty yarn online – we decided to go for it. We’d build our own building! A space all our own, built just for us. No more trying to fit ourselves into warehouse spaces built for things either too large or small, no more apologizing on the phone for our “unusual” location, a building that really works for Eat Sleep Knit and all of its customers.

The SBA loan process was stressful and terrifying and there was a lot of explaining to people that yes, $60 yarn really exists and people really do buy it and we do actually have a viable business, but we were lucky to have a great bank guy who trusts our financials and was thus willing to do a lot of that for us. The next thing we knew, it was all systems go!

Almost right away, they started the grading. It wasn’t much to look at yet, but the kids enjoyed having their own personal construction site to play in after hours.

Well, I thought, I’ll just wait until the foundation is done. Then it will be really real, right? And on my 11th wedding anniversary, we got a foundation.

It was impressive! It was a real building! There were so many concrete trucks, and you wouldn’t believe how fast concrete dries – this was taken maybe 3 hours after pouring was complete.

And then on Friday, I drove by, and we had walls. Actual walls. And the contractor told me the crane is coming Wednesday to put on the roof, and oh had I picked a brick color yet, and over the weekend it’s all kind of hit me that the time is now – this IS actually happening, and I hope you’re all as excited about it as we are.

The kids are very, very excited about “mom’s new work.” Levi tells me every time we leave the lot that “your new building is awesome.” And I have to agree. Though I still have to confirm that yes, we really are planning to “just sell yarn” here to some of the folks working on the building, who seem tickled pink at the very thought.

48 thoughts on “Eat Sleep Knit … Under Construction

  1. I’m really excited and happy for you but am very sad for me as I think that doubles my drive time to get to the store.

  2. 🙀🙀 Congratulations!! Super exciting!! I just found you guys on Friday and I’m pretty sure I know where your new location is and it’s like 10 minutes away from me so I’m super stoked!! Are you hiring for this new location?? I’d love to work for you! You can pay me in yarn! 😂

  3. I am SO excited for y’all… and a little sad for me, since this means that my lunchtime kitty visits will be over. But I’m very glad that you have found a great solution to the need for more space, and so close to home, Erin!

  4. Oh yay! This is awesome – and on a totally selfish note, way closer with so much less traffic – woo hoo! Knit night badge, here I come =D

  5. That’s really exciting! I agree with Levi that Mom’s new building is awesome!!! I hope to buy some yarn out of it soon 🙂

  6. This is so awesome and I am so happy for you. Such an exciting time for you and your employees. I wish I could be there to celebrate the new place with you!

  7. Oh wow, the new site is 5 miles from my house. I see many Saturdays browsing the store and knitting on your store couch!

    Congrats on this exciting step in your journey!

  8. This is so cool! You’re doing it! Way to go. I got a good laugh out of picturing you explaining to the construction workers what you will be doing in that giant building. I bet they’re telling all their friends about it like it’s the most unbelievable thing! Congrats. What an exciting adventure!

  9. So very happy for you!!!!! I’ve just mapped it out and the new location could add about 10 more miles for me to visit you……but you guys are sooooooo worth it!

  10. I am sooo excited!! I live in Dallas and belong to 3 knitting groups in Paulding county. I am spreading the news, we have lots of knitters here!!! If you need help decorating, I will be glad to help you!!

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