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Emily K here! If you can believe it, I have been at ESK for 3 years. It feels like just yesterday I was trying to figure out what a base was! I’d love to share my journey to ESK and ask for your help as we transition to the new shop in Dallas, GA.
My mom taught me to knit when I was a young teen. I saw her clicking away on cables and remember feeling fascinated that one strand of yarn could be turned into a beautiful scarf. After making a few horrendous scarves, my big red bag of awful furry yarn sat in the closet for many years. Fast forward 10 years (college and a couple of not-quite-right jobs) to me jumping out of my bed at 6 AM, running up 3 flights of stairs, and squinting at the computer to apply for the Social Media & Marketing Manager position at some store called Eat.Sleep.Knit. I immediately knew ESK was something special as no other job posting had evoked such a response…ever! I was ecstatic to get a callback from Erin, did a serious fist pump when I met and realized Erin & Dan are the most genuine, intelligent people in the world, and shed tears of joy in my living room when Erin asked, “Do you want to work here?” I feel so proud to be a part of all this…the yarn, the excitement, the fun, the rainbows, the cats, the joy, and, most importantly, the community! The customers, dyers, and friends are really what light this place up!

Now that I have been here 3 years, I’ve fallen even more in love with this place. My co-workers are fantastic, my creativity is finally encouraged, and I laugh on the daily! So, my brain went nuts trying to think of a way to show my love and appreciate for all things ESK. I thought and I thought…I’m a pretty crafty person so a few decorative projects came to mind. The letters E, S, and K wrapped in yarn, eh. A painting, no. A giant ball of yarn, maybe. Then, I saw this adorable yarn mobile one morning on my daily scavenge of the online knitting world and thought, how can I make this special enough to hang in ESK? Hmm…the light! You all are what light us up so how could I incorporate yarn and our community into something that we could cherish in the new shop?

This is where I need your help! I would absolutely love to use your scrap yarn to make the yarn balls for a mobile like the one seen below! Whether it be your very favorite colorway, scraps from your first project, or that yarn from the bottom of your stash, I’d love to make it (and YOU) a permanent fixture at ESK! All you need to do is send your scrap yarn (any amount will do as the yarn balls vary in size but the more the merrier) to:

Attn: Emily K
1060 Cedarcrest Road
Dallas, GA 30132

Please include your name (legal name, Ravelry handle, whatever you’d like) and city/state on a paper/card with your yarn. I will write them on two knitting needles that will stick out of your yarn ball! If you live locally, feel free to drop it off! The end result will look something like a mix between the two pictures below but your names will be added to the needles. You all are so important to us and I’m so excited to see the finished product when all of your pretty yarns combine!

yarn mobile 2 yarn mobile

If you would like to be a part of this project, you get 3 things: my extreme excitement and appreciation for helping, a permanent home at the new ESK shop (not that you didn’t have one already), and the opportunity to be featured in one of our blog posts! Simply write BLOG on the paper/card you send with your yarn and give us a little back story on your yarn…what it was used for, why you love it, etc. You will then be entered into the random drawing to be interviewed by yours truly! I’ll ask you all kinds of fun questions and you can share your knitting journey too! Thank you in advance and stay tuned for a ‘Tour of the NEW Store’ blog post!

9 thoughts on “Something Special

  1. re: If you live locally, feel free to drop it off!
    Does that mean the new shop or the old shop? Is the new shop open?!

  2. This is so awesome! I will check with my sister and see if we can put them all in one bag. I love this idea. Thank you!

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