Q3 Kitty Picks

Our Q3 Sweater KAL was a great challenge for many of you. Whether you were racing against the clock to finish your sweater within 2 week or if you were putting your skills to the test by knitting your very first sweater, so many of you CRUSHED this KAL! We love hearing that KALs encourage you to push yourself and try new things – that’s what it’s all about. That being said, you all made this quarter’s Kitty Picks extremely difficult. Here are our picks:

Prize: Free shipping coupon

Pick: KeiB Butterfly
Why? Love the this sweater! It would be good to wear either as casual or dressed up and I really love the great fall colors!




Prize: Feature your project on ESK’s social media

Pick: LauraPNW’s Beck
Why? Laura not only used one of the most amazing Tosh colorways, now discontinued Kelp, but she made this as a replica of Brook that she knit for her daughter. I adore the pops of Prairie Fire and the amazing fit she achieved!



Prize: Skein of yarn

Pick: ginni’s Couronne
Why? I completely forgot that I loved this pattern and even own it until I saw ginni’s version. When I saw her color combination, I immediately pushed it to the top of my queue. Thanks for the inspiration!




Prize: 3 stars for your team

Pick: watchdawnwork’s Keera
Why? This beauty! It looks timeless and modern at the same time. The backside full of lace and texture was executed beautifully. I’m fully inspired to make one of my own 🙂




Prize: Custom illustration based on your Ravelry profile

Pick: ragamuffinjane’s Rock Creek
Why? I LOVE wearing sweaters over dresses. I did it yesterday…while mowing the lawn on the farm. And way to go on making pattern alterations on your first sweater!



Prize: Glamor-shot of your favorite yarn

Pick: liveinthesun’s Buckley
Why? You can tell how happy Carolyn is with her sweater by the big beautiful smile on her face! I love the cheerful pops of color! 




Prize: Free shipping coupon

Pick: antifreezekills’ Sunset Highway
Why? I love this color scheme! I would so wear this all Winter. Love It!




Prize: Free shipping coupon

Pick: Sirijor’s Shapely Boyfriend
Why? I love boyfriend sweaters, and this color combo is perfect! Fantastic job!!




Prize: 1,500 yards

Pick: shootermcgruder’s Stone Fence
Why? Thea Colman’s modern classic cabled sweaters and the Hedgehog Fibres colourway Wish are two of my favorite things. I love shootermcgruder’s Stone Fence! Particularly the meshy openwork panels!

If your project was picked by an ESK Kitty, please e-mail us at trivia@eatsleepknit.com. We will need your ESK username and, depending on the prize, some other information. We hope you enjoyed this Rhinebeck-esque Sweater KAL. Thanks to everyone who knitted-a-long and submitted their projects!

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