LauraPNW puts the A in amazing with her stunning Beck by Dani Sunshine. She used Tosh DK in Kelp and Tosh Vintage in Prairie Fire; an unspeakably perfect color combination that has an all new special meaning now that both colors are discontinued. Originally planned for a pair of socks, Laura dove deep in her stash for these colors and knew they couldn’t be wasted inside a pair of shoes. Let’s add to the special meaning of this sweater with one precious detail: she knit this as an exact replica of her daughter’s Brook sweater. That’s right, Laura and her sweet girl Eleanor have matching sweaters:

BeFunky Collage

Too much to handle, right? Well, once I chose Laura’s Beck as my Kitty Pick, I was so curious about this tiny blonde beauty. Is she spunky? Shy? Curious? Laura’s response is too perfect to paraphrase:

“Eleanor has been a large influence on my knitting life. Before she was born,
I knit the occasional baby sweater for a friend or maybe a hat for a family
member. After she came into my life, I started knitting so much more, and
getting way more adventurous with trying new techniques. The instant
gratification of knitting for littles is perhaps too motivating. She is a
fun, spunky, headstrong girl who has opinions on everything. I used to love
finding patterns that came in both our sizes so I could try them out on her
first and decide if I wanted one too.”

Brook 3

DSC_0637_medium2Aside from the color combination, the thing that stood out to me was the fit Laura achieved. As most sweater knitters know, gauge is the key to a great fit and, after a full frog, Laura has learned the importance of swatching.

“It knit up so fast at first that I thought for sure I would get the bonus star for my Giraffes. But after finishing the body, it was huge (note to self…gauge swatch). I
somehow mustered the strength to rip it all out, start over, and still finish in a month. Very glad I did.”

Featuring projects is so much fun but the best part is hearing the story behind each stitch. I’d like to give Laura a special thank you for this beautiful sweater but, more importantly, sharing with us! If you’d like to see more of Laura’s beautiful projects,  amazing photography, and, of course, see more Eleanor, check out her project page here.



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