November Featured Yarn – Sport Sock 80/20

If you have been looking for a sport weight with some added strength and structure, Sport Sock from Spun Right Round is your answer. The obvious pattern choices for a yarn with this fiber content & dye-style are socks and fades. Socks would knit up quickly and hold up well with the 20% Nylon and fades come together easily with Spun Right Round’s speckle color palette. But can you combine these main features, strength & speckles, in other garments and accessories? Of course!

Oranje by Ann Weaver is an absolute stunner. This sweater was inspired by athletic uniforms worn in the Netherlands with its high collar and yoke details. As the designer said, “Surprising details like the striped hem facings, braids, and a row of tiny glass buttons make this piece one of a kind.” The body of Oranje would be simply magnificent in one of Spun Right Round’s more bold colors like The Big Teal Wave.

The nylon fiber content really comes into play when knitting skirts or other garments that will see a lot of wear. Think about it, you are sitting all day, moving around in your chair, brushing against things, etc. You want a sturdy yarn to create a long-lasting fabric. Sport Sock can hold up to the challenge and will fare well to the abuse of daily life. Splendid Glory by Monika Sirna plays wonderfully with the speckled colorways that Spun Right Round is known for. Knit mainly in stockinette, Splendid Glory whips right up and gives you added excitement and twirl-ability with an airy lace hem. The designer even wrote two version: full or subtle flare.

Wired Fingerless Mittens by Sarah Schira play up both strengths of Sport Sock. The fun speckles work well with simple cables and the durability of nylon is definitely appreciated for anything worn on the hands. The mitts only call for 2/3 of a skein so, if you’d love a set, grab another skein and make the matching Wired Cowl!


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