Temperature Tracker Tell-all

It’s not too late to join our Temperature Tracker year-long KAL! We have been shipping out boxes filled with all kinds of rainbows for beautiful blankets and a variety of similarly colored palettes for more wearable garments. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to color-pairing for this KAL but to inspire those still on the fence, we thought we would share our favorite yarn ideas & color combinations for some of our suggested patterns. A temperature tracker project is a great way to keep you on track to creating a very memorable project. Did anybody see how one Raveler captured 2017’s eclipse? Amazing! Better yet, this type of project is a great stash buster and may only require a few additional skeins to achieve the look you’re after! So, let’s remember this year together. From highs to lows, temperature & otherwise, we’re with you 100% of the way!

© Nona Davenport

The Tunisian Temperature Blanket by Nona Davenport separates your data points into sections to make a wonderful lap/baby blanket. For smaller blankets like this, we suggest using the super durable and washable 220 Superwash from Cascade. In the sample shown above, the designer held the yarn double (1 strand for the day’s high & 1 for the low) to create this wonderful color change. Here are a few Cascade 220 Superwash ideas but, if you have more data points, more colors can easily be added!

871 White, 1914 Alaska Sky, 1942 Mint, 840 Iris, 1944 Westpoint Blue Heather, 860 Smoke Heather, 205 Purple Sage, 856 Aporto, 866 Forest Heather, & 803 Royal Purple

803 Royal Purple, 207 Spectrum Blue, 252 Celestial, 227 Bachelor Button, 251 Evergreen, 802 Green Apple, 821 Daffodil, 827 Coral, 822 Pumpkin, 809 Really Red

© Andrea Shanti

Temperature Timepiece by Andrea Shanti is such a versatile project. Andrea calls her wrap design a “shlanket” because it can be worn/used in a variety of ways: as a shawl, scarf, or blanket! Our favorite part about this option for your year-long KAL is that it’s knit in the round. You know what that means – no ends to weave in and, with 50+ color changes, you’ll be super thankful for this in December. A few other enticing details about Temperature Timepiece in the Round are gauge matters not (no swatching!) and it can be easily modified for any weight yarn. This project can be whatever your imagination wants it to be!

© Bonnie Sennott & © Melissa Alexander-Loomis

For those who are taking this KAL by the horns and tackling a blanket, we will be cheering the loudest for you! With so many pattern possibilities, we encourage all of you to go big this year. Almost any blanket can be used as a temperature tracker, especially those with smaller sections or stripes. We chose Next in Line & Northeasterly as our featured blankets because their design lends so well to multiple colors.
If you are a fan of mixing speckles with solids, casting on Northeasterly should be a no-brainer. When knit up in such an adorable arrow pattern, most any colors will coordinate! We suggest dyers like Dream in Color who have a great selection of both dye styles or pairing some of our dyers for added interest. Hedgehog Fibers Sock Yarn, Spun Right Round SW Sock 80/20, and a splash of Squoosh Fiberarts Beefcake Sock would make for a delightful directional blanket. If you’re looking for more of a classic, simple knit, try Next in Line using Cascade Ecological Wool. With miles of worsted weight yarn knit in garter, you can catch up on your favorite shows while whipping up this show-stopper.

A good rule for any temperature tracker project is to pick a palette that works for you. If you don’t like rainbows, choose a slew of shades in your favorite color. Maybe try all grey shades with a pop of color and see what happens. Or get wild and choose solids to pair with complimentary variegated colors to give your project a magical marled look. That’s what’s great about these unpredictable patterns – you never know what your FO will end up looking like so choose colors that please you! We would love to see what colors you’ve chosen or are planning to use for your Temperature Tracker KAL so share them in the comments below. One random comment will win one of our 2019 exclusive colorways of their choice!


61 thoughts on “Temperature Tracker Tell-all

  1. I cant wait for my yarn to arrive to start my hue shift style tracker! I live in an area with very wide temp fluctuations so I am doing a 4 color change in shades of teal, 2 a week, the high and the low. With cream as the contrast, all in cascade eco and eco plus. I dont know how to put a picture here, but its so pretty!

  2. I am toying with three options: stash diving and using similar colors, using a range of the 2019 exclusives, and using a rainbow palate of 9 colors of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Worsted. I want to finish my Q1 first and then decide!

  3. I ordered a bunch of the new exclusives (but happy to add more to my stash 😉 ) to make a rainbow swirl with the Ten Stitch Twist blanket: Mrs Crosby Traipse (the only non-exclusive of the bunch) / Dream in Color (DiC) Italy / DiC Scotland / DiC Mexico / DiC Georgia / Western Sky Knits Japan. The yarn arrived in my mailbox yesterday – and they are soooo gorgeous! (photo on Ravelry forums: https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/eatsleepknitters/3870035/801-825#825)

  4. I already decided to make the temperature timepiece and have been recording temperatures. I haven’t decided on yarn yet, but I love bright colors.

  5. I’m doing a simple but important to me project because I walk so much: tracking whether or not a day has precipitation. I’m using Malabrigo Sock in two colors, Anniversario for clear days and Cirrus Gray (fitting!) for days with precipitation, in a simple chevron scarf.

  6. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that you could use whatever colors you wanted for a temperature KAL! I always assumed it would be red for hot and blue for cold. In Oklahoma, the middle section would be all red! Not my favorite color.

  7. I’ll be honest, I’m still on the fence about this–I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up. But I am thinking about doing a simple scarf in a gray/purple palette in Cascade 220: Black/Gris/Greystone Heather/Silver Gray with Purple Jewel Heather/Dark Plum/Heather/Lavender Heather.

  8. I decided to stash dive and do a Chevron scarf for this one. This will be the first year I participate in the year long Kal, so I’m determined to finish.

  9. I’m using 12 colors of Blue Sky Woolstok to make a woolly warm scarf. I’ve decided to do two color brioche, one side being high temps and one low. Woolstok works great in brioche!

  10. I’m considering making a pair of leggings for my temperature project! I’ve always wanted to make some cozy pants and think it would be fun to see how they turn out…I just need to decide on a pattern and color palette.

  11. I came in last Saturday determined to not pick a rainbow set of colors for this project…and left with a most of a rainbow set. I’m only using 6 colors with a black solid to help tie it together.
    Madelinetosh sock in Himiko, Fathom, Foresta, Mineral, Liquid Gold & Coquette.

  12. I am using lots of leftover Cascade 220 in blues/greens/greys/purples to make a traditional Granny Square Blanket using the high and low of each week.for 50 weeks for a total of 100 squares. If I used red for the higher temps then I would end up with an almost all red/orange blanket. This way I get my favorite colors and I am using stashed yarn. Win-win!

  13. I love this KAL! The weather here has been crazy this week, the highs have ranged from 37 to 55, and tomorrow is projected to be high 20s! I just got caught up last night, very excited to see how this project grows!

  14. Still mulling over ideas for this, but I definitely would lean towards a white-blue-purple palette: white the coldest, purple the hottest. We have lots of hot days here, so at least it will be all colors I like! I’m thinking somehow incorporating one of Blue Moon’s Sparkle colors in for rainy and snowy days as well.

  15. I’m considering making a temperature blanket for my daughter in this years exclusive colorways. She loves everything rainbow, so, this could work out well!!

  16. I’m going to use the skeins that I was going to use for the year long blanket KAL you guys had last year. I bought that kit from you guys but only got the first couple squares knit.

  17. Where I live it doesn’t get really hot or really cold, so I’ve been playing with color ideas. I’m leaning towards a gray to white to pink range, with the pink at the warm end of the spectrum.

  18. I’ve been playing with the idea of a tonal temperature tracker, but haven’t been able to choose a color (yet!). It will likely end up shades of purple into blues, as those have tons of options.

  19. My dining room table is currently covered with a mixture of deep stash and new colors. For sure it’s going to have hhf coral and dic Georgia, but I’ve got a lot wiggle room yet.

  20. I’m waffling on this. I like the new exclusives but not keen on rainbows. I’ll have to keep mulling my colour scheme for my sock weight Northeasterly.

  21. Im thinking of using cascade heritage in cerulean, sage, riviera heather, pine, silver grey, charcoal, and maybe a pop of passion flower

  22. Oh, decisions, decisions! But I love the Temperature Timepiece and I think I will start stash diving to see what I have and then figure out what I need to order to fill in the holes. What a great idea!

  23. I’m doing a Northeasterly in a bright pastel rainbow of Cascade Heritage Sock with HHF sock in Teacup as a contrast “neutral” in between each temperature segment. My yarn came last night and I can’t wait to cast on!

  24. I am using Malabrigo lace in 7 colors plus a border color. So far, the granny squares I’m making look really cool if I do say so myself! The border color is azul profundo, temp colors (from cold to hot) are simply taupe, surf blue, lettuce, sapphire green, molly, sauterne, and glazed carrot. I had 2 colors in my stash and went to the store and got help picking out the others.

  25. I’m using 11 colors (three warm, three medium, three cool, and two extremes!) of Cascade 220 in a bright rainbow palette for a blanket, with strands held together for the high & low for that cool marled effect! I think it’ll be neat to see this slightly in-your-face colors soften and muddle up a bit when blended together like that, especially since our highs and lows are often around 20 degrees apart so you’ll see pairs across the rainbow of green and purple, red and green, yellow and blue….

    Part of me wants to do a second sky tracker project in blues and greys, but that part is also crazy for considering doing two big year-long endeavors, so. And then there’s another part of me that wants to use only Around the World colors for another one! That part is crazy, too.

  26. I keep changing my mind, but I *think* I’m going to do the Northeasterly in 5 shades of tosh eyre light: 0˚-20˚ = deep water, 21˚-40˚ = video baby, 41˚-60˚= infrared sky, 61˚-80˚ = the uncola, and 81˚+ = neon pink.

  27. I really want to join in the fun, but I’m currently dithering on both pattern and colors. Can some super-motivated and speedy crafters please post their finished objects so I can copy one? 😉 In all seriousness, I’m leaning towards Northeasterly and looking for justification to buy at least some of the 2019 exclusives.

  28. Oh boy! I am one that is overwhelmed by color choices. I want to use Cascade Heritage, and don’t want a rainbow of colors. So far, I have Dark Plum, Lapis Heather, Cedar Green and Lunar Rock. I’d like to add a few more purpley and blue/teal shades to round it out. ❤

  29. I ♥️ blues and yellows, so I’m planning on tracking the sky😁 a deep mustard for sunny days, a mustard/blue/gray for partly sunny days, a gray for cloudy days, still looking for the perfect blue for rain and then white for snow. So excited!!

  30. I am making a pair of socks with each week represented by a stripe. I ordered a Party of 5 set in Snapdragon and am using a teal sweetgeorgia that I had in my stash. For cuffs, heels, toes and to separate weeks I am using Bark in Cascade Heritage.

  31. So many choices, so many decisions! Right now I’m planning on a crochet scarf/shawl in blues and grays and bluey grays–TML, Mechita, Hedgehog. Planning to track the sky conditions–rainy, clear, cloudy, etc. The pattern might change but I plan to keep to the sky tracking and color palette. Swatching will commence soon!

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