Manos del Uruguay Shopping Spree


Manos del Uruguay has been in the ESK family for as long as we can remember. They’re a vital part of what makes this place so special. From a huge variety of bases & show-stopping colorways to the wonderful backstory of supporting local women, Manos gives us so many reasons to call them family! Let us show off some of those reasons with our Manos  del Uruguay Shopping Spree where the ESK Kitties were challenged to spend $125 on any Manos base for 1 patterns-worth of yarn. Here’s what some of the kitties came up with!


Pattern: Cowboy Cowl by Pam Powers
Yarn: 2 skeins of Gloria in Plata
Needles: US 8
Cost: $48 – I could make two!
Why: As a chunky knits lover, I went straight for Gloria! Having worked with it before, I knew I wanted a few things from my pattern: some stockinette (Gloria is perfectly plied so my stitches look super tidy) and something I could snug in all day (this base is the definition of plush). Insert Cowboy Cowl by Pam Powers! I’d only need 2 skeins so I’m way under budget and I would have a cowl I’d reach for most mornings – can’t beat that!


Pattern: Afternoon in Lisbon by Lisa Hannes
Yarn: 1 Fino Mini-Skein Set (Dorothea) & 1 skein of Fino (Silver Teaset)
Needles: US 2
Cost: $72
Why: I’ve been kind of fascinated by this pattern since it came out and keep fantasizing about knitting it!


Pattern: Three Sisters by Cetus Knits
Yarn: 2 skeins of Alegria (9008 Orquidea & 2600 Magenta)
Needles: US 4
Cost: $52
Why: I love the textures of this pattern, including the mosaic color work used to blend the variegated and tonal colors together.


Pattern: Lucinda by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Yarn: 8 skeins of Silk Blend (300X Topaz)
Needles: US 4
Cost: $124
Why: The texture of Silk Blend lends perfectly to this design and would keep this pullover lightweight. Dye takes to the wool/silk blend in the most wonderful heathery way so I chose a solid color to show off the natural striations that would mimic the tweed yarn used in the sample. It’s knit in the round so it’s seamless, which I love, and would be a great addition to my stash of simple projects I can bring to knit night!

Do you think you can take the Manos Shopping Spree challenge? Post what project you’d choose & details just like the ESK Kitties did as a comment on this post. 1 lucky blog reader will win the yarn they chose! Don’t forget, you have a budget of $125 for 1 patterns-worth of yarn. We will announce the winner by commenting “Congratulations!” on their post on Wednesday January 23rd so get to planning those Manos del Uruguay projects now!

72 thoughts on “Manos del Uruguay Shopping Spree

  1. I would love to knit Westknit’s Pierre shawl that needs 4 colors. Maybe the colors of an amethyst crystal. 1 skein Bataclana, 1 skein Taffeta, 1 Black, and 1 Antigua all in the Alegria base. This is a super hard challenge.

  2. I won’t lie. I would totally copy Erin’s plan and do an Afternoon in Lisbon. I wanted to find a way to make it many colors, and love love love Manos.

  3. 4 skeins of Gloria in Cirrus for a Fallen Cloud! The pattern only calls for 600 yards of assisted weight, but I love me an extra big squishy shawl, so i’d just keep knitting. The cables would be beyond gorgeous in this colorway!!

    • OK, so I didn’t notice the format I was supposed to use. whoops! So, here goes.
      Pattern: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket.
      Yarn: Gloria. I skein each in crema, all 3 lots of oso pardo, and coffee.
      hook: probably an I hook, but I’d have to see what fabric I liked.
      cost: $120
      why: I’ve been obsessed with this blanket lately. I think this would look like a lovely latte, or maybe a cup of hot cocoa. It just seems like it would be a beautiful creamy to chocolate gradient.

  4. oh this was very fun! I’ve been wanting to make the R&R hoodie (TFA) for my oldest for ages and would love 4 skeins of Gloria in Musgo or Brick (he could pick) to make the 6-8 size! Perks of knitting for my oldest is that it gets passed down to the littler ones! 4 skeins puts me just under 100 at $96

  5. Pattern: Este by Justyna Lorkowska
    Yarn: 3 Skeins of Fino (colorway Waistcoat)
    Needles US 5 & 3
    Cost: $ 96
    Why: Fino is a yummy blend of silk and merino with a good twist to knit up beautifully. The slightly tonal shading in the yarn will really look lovely in the plain stockinette sections and well as the lace pattern on the arms. Plus it will be super soft against the skin and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at oversized garments and this looks to be an easily finished pattern, but still lovely.

  6. I would knit Outline by Beata Jezek With two skeins of Inkwell in Fino, and a mini skein set in Lydia. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?

    • Pattern: Outline
      Yarn: 2 skeins Fino in Inkwell, 1 mini skein set in Lydia
      Needles: US 6
      Cost: $104
      Why: The silk and drape, the subtle color, I think it would be gorgeous!

  7. Pattern: Nordiska by Caitlin Hunter (
    Yarn: Alegria
    (2) skeins Foil
    (1) skein Loam
    (1) skein Oxygen
    Needles: US 2 & 4
    Cost: $104
    Why: I’m a huge fan of Caitlin Hunter’s patterns. I think this one is very chic and I’d love to try a cropped sweater. I’d also love to try this color combination. I want to give brown a try. I rarely use browns and I think this would be a nice way to try it out on me. Gives me a mint chocolate chip vibe!

  8. Pattern: Window to my Soul by Joji Locatelli
    Yarn: 4 skeins Alegria colorway Peach and Chia
    Needles: US 4
    Cost: $104
    Why: I love the “window” detail on the top of this cardigan. It allows for variegated and speckled yarn to be put on display in a unique way. The colors of the yarn and the style of cardigan make for a beautiful Spring transition wardrobe choice!

  9. Pattern: Butterfly Shawl by The Loom Silk Yarns
    Yarn: 2 skeins Fino in Fleet
    Needles: US 7
    Cost: $64
    Why: Perfect, light weight cover for those chilly indoor “let’s crank the A/C” spaces in Phoenix

  10. A Collection of Three Christmas Stockings by Dorene Delaney Giordano
    2 stockings in Gloria
    Stocking 1: Cirrus and Oceano
    Stocking 2: Crema and Noche (or Vereda if I couldn’t wait for restock!)
    Cost: $96
    Why: neither husband or I have decent Christmas stockings and these are gorgeous. His color is blue, and mine is green, so these Gloria shades would be lovely.

  11. Pattern: The Weekender by Andrea Mowry
    Yarn: 5 skeins of Gloria (2240 Crema)
    Needles: US 6, 7, 8 (as per pattern)
    Cost: $120
    Why: I have wanted to knit this sweater for a long time and the simplicity of this sweater would really show of this subtle colourway.

  12. Pattern: Carrie Bostock Hoge’s Shoreline Vest
    Yarn: Silk Blend in Wren would be dreamy.
    Cost: 7 skeins would total 108.50
    Why: The thing my wardrobe always needs is vests. They’re the perfect layer over almost everything nearly year round here in the Pacific NW. Luxuriously soft and drapey in a warm subtle neutral–it’s not all about the wow but rather the quiet pleasure of knitting and feeling joy in dressing simply but perfectly!

  13. Pattern: Sea Salt by Laura Aylor
    Yarn: 8 skeins Silk Blend in Surf
    Needles: US 7
    Cost: $124
    Why: I have had this sweater in my queue for three years as my “first sweater” project, but I have been too scared to start. I think knitting with a single ply silk blend would balance out my fear of knitting a sweater! Plus, Surf is such a beautiful green with subtle variation that would be perfect for this single color sweater!

  14. I would like to knit a Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu! I would choose Alegria in #2445 – Royal. Thank you for the chance and the inspiration! 🙂

  15. I would like to knit a Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu! I would choose Alegria in #2445 – Royal. Thank you for the chance and the inspiration! 🙂 (4 skeins = $104)

  16. Pattern: Arequita Tunic by Susanna IC
    Yarn: Alegria, in Kohl – 4 skeins = $104
    I’m not likely to knit a fingering weight sweater, but a sleeveless tunic I could dress up or down, wear with a jacket or not, seems like a great staple to add to my wardrobe!

  17. Pattern: Brioche Shell Shawl
    Yarn: 4 skeins of Manos Alegria (Pescador, Acero, Ming, Blueberry)
    Needle: size 4
    Price: $104
    Why: I’ve wanted a pattern to use Ming in and I’ve been wanting a Brioche project. I think this is the perfect combination.

  18. Pattern: Tensile by Emily Greene
    Yarn: 3 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay, Fino in Silhouette
    Needles: 1 US, 2 US, 3 US
    Cost: 96$
    Why: I think the wool/silk blend would be great for Tensile. It would be soft with some drape which would make this wonderful to wear. Plus the light blue tones of silhouette would be add to the perfect sweater!

  19. Pattern: So Faded by Andrea Mowry
    Yarn: 4 skeins of Alegria (2463 Pescador, 8292 Acero, 9632 Fondo del Mar, and 8106 Botanico)
    Needles: US 3 and 5
    Cost: $104
    Why: Seeing the Q2 knitalong plans made me fall in love with fade patterns! The blues and greens remind me of all of the hikes and nature trips that I’m hoping to take some day (like to the rainforest!)

  20. I would knit a Gardens of Giverny stole in Alegria. This base is great because it offers solid colorways as well as variegated and speckles. My choices would be Orquidea and Magenta. Cost: $52.
    I’ve loved both Gardens of Giverny patterns since they were published; both solids and variegated/speckled yarns can shine in a lacy design!

  21. I would knit Passe-partout by Maanel using Manos’s Silk Blend in Juniper – the pattern calls for 600 yards so I would need 5 skeins, just to be safe. Cost of $77.50. I’ve had the pattern in my queue for a long time, plus Passepartout went around the world with Phileas Fogg in 80 days!

  22. Pattern: Crumb by Andi Satterlund
    Yarn: 4 skeins of Gloria in Hongos colorway
    Needles: US 8
    Cost: $96
    Why: I’ve been living in nursing tank tops recently, because I just recently had my first child. (How is she already a month old!?) This cardigan would make a really lovely cover-up for when I need to nurse/pump somewhere in public to provide easy access and a little warmth. I love that it can be casual with jeans and a tank top, and later, when I can wear regular clothes again, I’ll be able to dress it up and wear it with vintage-style dresses, too!

  23. Pattern: Assana Wrap by Ambah O’Brien
    Yarn: 3 skeins of Alegria (6944 – Zaino, 2500 – Black, 2394 – Teal)
    Needles: US 3
    Cost: $78
    Why: My Assana Wrap is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever knit (so versatile and I always get compliments on it) and I’d love to make another as a “thank you” to someone who did me a great kindness recently! These colors would suit her perfectly.

  24. Pattern: Tamdou by Melanie Berg
    Yarn: Alegria in turmeric, crema, and kohl.
    Needles: US 4
    Cost: $78
    Why: This has been in my queue forever. This mustard is my absolute favorite color right now.

  25. Pattern: Joan of Arc
    I’ve already made one and want another. It has been very cold here.
    Yarn: 4 Skeins of Maxima (held double) Grapevine would be purrfect.
    Needles 13
    Cost: $80 (4 skeins)
    I would love to try this yarn.

  26. Pattern: Birkin by Caitlin Hunter (boylandknitworks)
    Yarn: Manos Fino mini set in the colorway Lydia
    Manos Alegria in the colorway Loam (x3)
    Needles: us 2-5
    Total: 118.00

    I’ve heard it’s a No-No to mix a single ply with a plied yarn in the same project, but I just couldn’t say no to this combination. I wanted the fino for the colorwork because it was described as a rustic single ply. My dream for my Birkin is to be a beautifully simple, and cozy sweater for myself. And the colorway of Lydia with the soft pinks and greens would lend itself perfectly for the floral design in the yoke of a Birkin. I love how the minis are different colors but coordinate with each other. As for the main color, ‘Earthy’ is definitely the inspiration word for my sweater’s color palette, and when I saw a Loam colorway in alegria it was perfection.

    Thank you kitties for the giveaway! I loved getting inspired by your project ideas ❤️

  27. Pattern: One I’m writing, for a big ol’ Bob’s Burgers Bakeneko amigurumi for my husband
    Yarn: 4 skeins of alegria in Wedgwood (yarn held double, I’m planning big!)
    Needles: 8, I suspect but subject to swatching.
    Cost: $104
    Why: Because my husband is turning 40 on April 1st. He really loves bakeneko and I really love him!

  28. I would use a Fino Mini-Skein set ($40) in Henrietta and 2 skeins of Fino in Silver Teaset ($64) to make a Crazy Stripes Tee by alfaknits! Total yarn cost: $104.

  29. Pattern: Marley by Andrea Mowry
    Yarn: 4 skeins of Alegria – (2) Locura Fluo and (2) Kohl
    Needles: US4 & US5
    Cost: $104
    Why: I really want 2019 to be the year that I conquer brioche. I think the simplicity of this pattern mixed with my love of rainbow and grey for the colors will result in a beautiful shawl I’ll wear daily. Also – what could be more perfect for Alegria yarn than a joyful rainbow? 😉

  30. Pattern: Imagine – Utopia Project 1st Edition by Luisa M
    Yarn: MC would be 3 skeins of Alegria in Carmine, CC would be 1 skein of Alegria in Black
    Needles: US 3
    Cost: $104
    Why: I love fingering-weight colorwork sweaters and this one has a unique pattern to the yoke. And red+black is timeless!

  31. Pattern: Worsted Boxy by Joji
    Yarn: 5 skeins of Manos Maxima, color Black
    Needles: US9
    Cost: $109
    Why: I’ve wanted to make this sweater for a while now. It’s clean and simple, hence why I chose black. I actually haven’t knit with this yarn yet, so what better pattern to let it shine.

  32. Pattern: Ea’s Poncho (
    Yarn: 8 skeins of Silk Blend in Malva – I’d hold it double to get towards the aran weight the pattern calls for
    Needles: Maybe a 6? I would need to swatch. The pattern calls for an 8, but I am a loose knitter.
    Cost: $124 (eek – cutting that close!)
    Why: I have this pattern in my queue for quarter 4, and Tracey’s description of this yarn makes it a perfect fit for this poncho. I’d be making this in size 2/3 for my daughter to wear for the next couple of years (she’s a peanut, so I think she’d get multiple seasons of wear out of it).

  33. Pattern: Kir Royale by Melanie Berg
    Yarn: 3 skeins of Fino (a pale neutral, like Rosewater or Brass Button)
    Needles: US 4, US 6
    Cost: $96
    Why: This pattern has been in my library for a while but I haven’t yet gotten the right yarn for making a super-sized version of it. Using Fino, with its luxurious single ply merino silk blend, would make a decadent project. This pattern, with its delicate slip stitch body, would show off the slight variation of the yarn.

  34. Pattern: Nightshift shawl by Andrea Mowry
    Yarn: 6 skeins of Maxima, 1 each in: Saffron, Carmine, Sand, Royal, Teal, and Fire
    Cost: $120
    Why: I’ve been itching to knit this shawl and these colors hit all my personal soft spots.

  35. Pattern: Raina Shawl by Andrea Mowry
    Yarn:2 skeins of Alegria in Reindeer and 2 skeins of Alegria in Sand
    Needles: US 5
    Cost: $104
    Why: I love the monochromatic look of this shawl. There are so many color combos that would look gorgeous on this. I love a dark and light purple, would really like to do a blue down the road as well but the versatility of the browns can’t be beat.

  36. Pattern: Ragged Scarf by JumperCables – Annie Baker
    Yarn: 4 skeins of Gloria in Virazon
    Needles: US 6&7
    Cost: $96

    I have been obsessing over this scarf for a while. Nothing I have on hand it the right yardage or a color that works. This yarn would be perfect!

  37. Seeing as how I just completed Jenn Steingass’ Vintersol pattern in Manos Gloria, I’d like to try it in Maxima. I’d need 1 Sand, 1 Loam and 4 Saffron. Cost $120.

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