Meet the Fellows: Fiona Munro

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I’m Fiona from Aberdeen, Scotland and I grew up on Salt Spring Island in Canada.

P1030336How did you get into knitting & designing knitwear?
I have been an avid knitter since my grandmother taught me to knit when I was six years old. It was only a few years ago when I was studying as a graduate student that I realized I could design my own patterns and that I could share these new designs with others. Since then, I have continued to design these patterns on the side of my day job with the help of my two sisters.

What designers do you admire & why?
I very much admire designers that draw from traditional techniques and styles to create modern designs like Alice Starmore.

IMG_20190612_090503__01What does your design process look like?
A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and that is why I love living near the ocean and rolling hills in Scotland. I often will have an idea come to me when out for a run or as I am falling asleep at night. I then make sure to sketch it out on a scrap piece of paper or in my sketch book, whatever is closer to hand! Then, I work out a chart if there is lace, texture, or fair isle detail. I will knit a swatch or multiple swatches depending on how they turn out. I then put together a design proposal to submit to a third-party publication or write up the pattern for self-publishing.

What type of project do you like to knit/crochet most?
I love working on lace projects in the warmer summer parts of the year and larger heavier projects like sweaters and wraps in the autumn and winter. I love how a large knitting project can act like a lap blanket in the winter when it is dark and rainy!

IMG_20181121_093349__01What are you best known for as a designer?
Easy to more complex knits that draw from traditional techniques and styles such as fair isle and Shetland lace knitting.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of the fiber community?
Besides knitting & designing my main other hobbies are fiddling, long distance running, and rowing.

Learn more about Fiona on Ravelry or follow @MunroSisters3 on Instagram. Stay tuned for more designers!

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