Little Magnolia

Little Magnolia

There are causes that speak to each of our lives for different reasons because, without understanding why, certain things happen to certain people. Erin has so bravely chosen to share a difficult time in her life in order to honor her daughter and help others. We are hoping that April showers will be May flowers so here is our head Kitty:

April’s colorway is special, one that is near and dear, and it had to be April. April 3rd was the day our first child, our first daughter, was born. Stillborn, actually, as a result of extreme prematurity when I went into labor at 23 weeks pregnant in 2012. Little Magnolia is for Amy, our first child, our first daughter. It’s also for all the babies just like her, born too soon, too early, for reasons known and unknown. We are donating every penny of sales of this colorway to March of Dimes, an organization which, I must admit, prior to Amy’s loss, I still thought was somehow related to polio. It’s not, anymore.

The March of Dimes fights against premature births, and even then I wondered, how can the March of Dimes stop biology? And the answer is, by supporting, funding, and sponsoring research into not only finding out why but also finding out how to intervene. Thanks to the interventions and protocols and treatments researched by the March of Dimes, we have been able to have a healthy, full-term son. And, as many of you know, we are actually expecting our third any time now, our second daughter. With any luck, thanks to the advancements in medical care that the March of Dimes champions every day, we’ll get to see her grow up. And so will many other families with similar stories.

Shortly after Amy died, friends of ours called me and said they wanted to get us a tree in her honor. A Gems Magnolia, a Georgia favorite, known colloquially as a “Little Magnolia.” It was perfect. We planted it in our front yard, and when I went outside on that first Mother’s Day, this was what I saw.


It took a lot of courage for Erin to choose to share this. Premature births are difficult no matter the outcome, but there are ways to help, give/receive support, and spread hope. The fiber community is a loving one so, whatever your cause, reach out!

Little Magnolia will be available in the following bases: TMLPashmina, Tosh DK, Tosh Vintage, and Tosh Sock. If you’d like to make your own donation to March of Dimes, click here.

Madelinetosh Exclusive Colorways – Introducing Chattahoochee

2015 also brings you another treat – each month, we’ll be releasing an exclusive Georgia-themed colorway developed by Madelinetosh!

Since we are all pretty spread out around the world, we thought it would be really neat to give you a tour around the birthplace of Eat.Sleep.Knit. – Georgia. And who could think of a more perfect way to show you around our side of town than to scrounge up pictures from our favorite spots around Georgia and send them to a fantastic dyer to work their magic?The skeins we received using the colors from our pictures are more than we ever expected!

These special Georgia-themed colorways will be available the first week of each month in the following bases: TML, Pashmina, Tosh DK, Tosh Vintage, and Tosh Sock.

January’s colorway is: Chattahoochee!


The Chattahoochee River is a major source of drinking water and power for Atlanta. Georgians and outdoorsy travelers can fish, tube, canoe, kayak, hike, and camp along the river! Along the river is the very popular Chattahoochee Nature Center which hosts weddings, events (Earth Day, a holiday market, etc), wildlife programs, and field trips to teach environmental conservation.


Hey all, Janine here to tell you about my favorite place to take in all the beautiful nature Georgia has to offer – the Chattahoochee Nature Center! The Chattahoochee River is home to tons of little creatures that make me super giggly and the Nature Center did a great job of creating habitats for visitors to see owls, vultures, and even a bald eagle up close. I love spending a quiet afternoon hiking the secluded paths that follow the gentle grey/green rapids of the river. If you are ever passing through, I’d definitely recommend packing a picnic and enjoying some time along this beautiful waterway!