What’s in Store for Q4!


Q3 only has a few more days left?? Weren’t we just creating that crossword puzzle and going through our queues? We loved seeing all the interaction and teamwork on the forums. Whether it be for the greater good of the team or out of the kindness of your hearts, your willingness to help one another seriously shined through this quarter! Well, here we are almost 12 weeks later, and, boy, do we have some exciting seeds to plant in your wonderful knitting brains…

There has been a little buzz and a lot of guesses as to what Q4 has in store. We’ve heard some of you guess another photo challenge because of the t-shirt sale – you guys really do pay attention! You’ll get the full scoop on the challenge when we officially release the Q4 rules but here’s your KAL preview. We wouldn’t want you to feel rushed when planning and purchasing! The Q4 KAL is designer-specific and we chose none other than the fabulous Stephen West! His spirit and excitement fits perfectly into the ESK attitude and have you seen his pattern designs? They are A-MAZING and you can choose any pattern you would like. As per usual, all yarn must be from Eat.Sleep.Knit. in order to be eligible for prizes and the 200 yard minimum stands.

Need yarn? We’ve got a special offer for you – place your knit-a-long order between now and October 10th and specify in the comments field which yarn is for your project, and we’ll take 10% off for that yarn. This discount excludes already discounted yarns. Adjustments will have to be made manually so this discount won’t show up at checkout, but we will e-mail you to confirm.


Sock-A-Long Status

Happy Monday, ESK fans! It’s December. No, really, this is even the SECOND week in December already! Where has the year gone? How is there only a week left in the Sock-A-Long?!?

Remember how excited we all were to knit those socks? Remember how we were all so sure we could finish them in a little over two months? OK, so Erin wasn’t exactly sure, but I was a bit overconfident that I would have them done in no time. And here I sit, with only two-thirds of one sock finished while Erin’s already on her second sock! I guess that’s what happens when I suddenly decide I have all kinds of time to knock out an armload of gift knits – poor sock gets ignored. 😦

But from the looks of our Fall Sock-A-Long Fun thread on Ravelry, a lot of you are making fantastic progress! Which is great because there’s only ONE week left to be eligible for the contest! Next Monday (December 16) we’ll open the Sock-A-Long Finished Object thread for everyone to post beautiful photos of their *completed* socks. We’ll give everyone some time to get the photos up and there will be two prizes – one based on user votes and the other for participation chosen at random. Stay tuned to the Ravelry group for more details!

In other news:
Please remember that we are always working our hardest to make your shopping experience the best it can possibly be, but there aren’t many of us. So we ask that if you have customer service questions you email us directly (eatsleepknit @ eatsleepknit.com) rather than ask us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or in our Ravelry group. We do try to keep up with all the contact points, but we can only guarantee you’ll get the help you need with direct emails. Thanks!

Another big Thank You to everyone sending us lovely notes and cards! I’m about to hang up a *second* bulletin board in our front room so we can show all of them off at once! Not only are they really sweet, they’re making me quite jealous of wherever y’all buy your stationery! So adorable!

If you’ve waited until The Last Possible Moment to make holiday gifts, keep your eyes peeled for some more quick project patterns coming later this week! (FYI: If they’re Hanukkah presents, you’re officially late! :D)

And lastly, if you have a topic you’d like us to cover on the blog, please let us know! We’re a creative bunch, but since we’re here to help you – let us know what you’d like to see from us! 🙂


Well! After three days and a small printer mishap, we’ve shipped all the orders we received during the Black Friday Surprise Sale as well as the rest of the weekend’s orders. We thank you all for your patience as we make every effort to get your yarn out in a timely manner!

So starting tomorrow everything is back to normal around here! All the aisles have been cleaned up, errant yarn put back in its cubes, and we are ready to get back to retail hours for those of you lucky enough to be local!

Some of you have already received your Black Friday orders and are starting to post your stash pics on the 2013 Stash thread in our ESK Ravelry group! Yay! Keep it up! We love seeing how happy our customers are by the yarns they’ve ordered. Not to mention we’re all a little nosy as to what kind of projects you’re coming up with – it might inspire us as well 😉

Also under the topic of “getting back to normal” – there isn’t terribly much time left on our Sock-Along! I know I’ve been overwhelmed with my last minute gift knitting, but hopefully I’ll get at least one of my socks done in time. (Ok, that’s not terribly likely, but a gal can dream!)

Happy Knitting!

Happy Wednesday!

Greetings and Salutations! I hope everyone is having a great day! And if for some reason you aren’t, I hope this helps cheer you up! Just thought I’d share a few fun things happening around the store this week. Maybe something to take your mind off some of the impending Holiday Stress or just your average Wednesday Woes. 🙂

A huge Thank You goes out to Kim and Rosemary for sending us some adorable (and SPARKLY!) cards with their Lotto Cards! They’re so cute and I can’t wait to hang them on the Customer Love board.

Many yarn shipments have been showing up on our doorstep of late, so if you’ve been hunting down a certain base, color, or brand – be sure to have your Wishlist set to email you when it’s back on the shelves! It could arrive at any time and we don’t want you to miss out!


Recently we started carrying brand new Tote Bags! They’re just as durable as the all blue bag but with new graphics and new features! The pink bag is the same size as the blue bag, but PINK and features the handy front pocket and a spiffy new logo declaring your love for ESK! The tan bag has the gorgeous blue on the base as well as the *longer* straps, features a snap to keep your things from falling out, and our adorable kitty mascot knitting away on the front! Both bags are quite roomy, durable canvas and are available for sale now.

How about a little Sock-Along Update: we’re all still on our first sock! It’s been just a little busy around the store of late what with making plans for next year, helping folks get yarn for their holiday projects, taking inventory, and countless restocks we’ve let our socks languish around the shop. But we aren’t giving up hope! There’s still almost a month until the Finished Socks contest and we’re pretty sure we can make it! Thanks to all the cheerleaders in our Sock-Along Ravelry thread for keeping everyone motivated! We love you!
For more yarny goodness, keep your eyes on our Ravelry group and our Facebook page – both are sure to inform and entertain! If you’re a Pinner, check out our array of boards and pins on our Pinterest page. And if you prefer your yarn news mainly in pictures or manageable 140 character bites, follow our Instagram and Twitter feeds!