Trivia This Week – TART (Q3 #5)

Your trivia question last week – “Which two brands have a colorway called Tart?”

Most of you probably are familiar with Madelinetosh‘s Tart, a shade of red that has been called fiery, sultry, stunning, and of course, tarty. The best tarts are.


But many of you were surprised to learn that Dream In Color offers a Tart as well, in four of its bases. (Clockwise from upper left: Calm, Everlasting DK, Jilly, and Everlasting Sock) But Dream In Color’s Tart is a vibrant green, like a tart apple or even a bit lime-esque.


One of you even suggested, and we agree, that a project with both Tarts would make a delightful addition to Christmas knitting. Maybe you need some special holiday striped socks this year?

Everyone who submitted the correct answers (Madelinetosh & Dream In Color) has been credited and e-mailed to confirm. If you did not receive an e-mail but believe you submitted the correct answer, please e-mail us so we can take care of you. Don’t miss this week’s question on our Twitter!

Trivia This Week – Linens Galore! (Q3 #4)

This past week, we asked you to identify how many linen and linen-blend yarns we currently have for sale. The answer was, of course, four! Four lovely linen yarns, each with its own distinct fabulosity. There’s Claudia Handpainted Drama, a traditional wetspun sportweight linen that knits equally well to firm or loose gauges. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Madelinetosh’s Dandelion yarn blends 10% linen with their popular TML base yarn for a more heathered, linen look with the wooly feel everyone loves.


It’s no secret that I love linen knits. Our love affair began during the 2008 Ravellenic Games (formerly known as the Ravelympics) when I chose for my project the Versailles Shell, a tank I hoped would be perfect for wearing during hot Georgia summers. The yarn? Claudia Handpainted Drama (formerly known as, simply, Linen). And let me just be honest – I wasn’t all that excited about it. In the hank, the yarn seemed an awful lot like limp twine, and it was hard to see how this wasn’t going to be hard on my hands and awful to wear.

versailles1Never since have I been so wrong about a yarn, perhaps in part because after this experience, I adopted a firm policy of trying a yarn before judging it in its hank.

At a tight gauge, linen can be a little hard on the hands – similar to cotton – but not too, and the finished fabric is the most wonderful, cool, soft thing you could hope to wear. Linen loves abuse; it gets better when you wash it, when you dry it, when you leave it crumpled in a ball in the corner. In short, linen is the perfect thing for my busy summers, and I’ve got a new Versailles on the needles right now as this one now lives at the shop.

Handmaiden Flaxen is another favorite, a slubby blend of silk and linen that makes for stunning open and lacework projects like the Kowloon Cardigan. And then there is Shibui Knits Linen, a linen unlike any others – a laceweight, chain-plied linen that is at once soft and breezy and the linen that might just convince you, once and for all, to add a bit more linen to your stash.


Everyone who submitted the correct answer (four!) has been credited and e-mailed to confirm. If you did not receive an e-mail and believe you should have, please let us know and we’ll take care of you. Make sure to check our Twitter for this week’s question!

Team Mascots KAL Prizes

Just a quickie today, since last week’s trivia answer was (I hope!) quite obvious (if you are still wondering, yup, the answer is never!).*

A couple of you have mentioned on Ravelry about the prizes for this quarter’s KAL, and I will admit that for a second I was all, “duh, I already posted that,” except, guess what, I didn’t! Sorry ladies, I totally flaked and thought this was posted with the original post.

So, yes, each person who completes a team mascot KAL project this quarter will receive 1000 yards towards their individual total (limit one award per person). There is also a team prize – the team with the most members who knit a mascot project will get two additional virtual finishers to contribute towards their end of year totals (the Stitchosaurs won this prize in the first quarterly challenge).

And, a secret bonus prize – anyone who completes a qualifying KAL project for all four team mascots (so, a monkey, an octopus, a robot, *and* a dinosaur project) will get a special treat from us in the mail just for being awesome. And before you ask, yes, if you find a way to incorporate all four mascots into one project, I will count that because, frankly, that sounds amazing.

If you’re already ready to submit your project, I’ve gone ahead and opened the submission spreadsheet, but you have until June 30th to submit!

*I also wanted to just mention that some of your responses did crack me up a little bit, because some of you phrase it so it sounds like some kind of gang! Things like, “once you’re in, you’re in it for life” – sounds almost threatening! You will love your 10K club or else!

Trivia Question #4 (Q2)

In 2008, we had 5 Yarnathon finishers – in 2013, we had 38! Who knows how many of you we’ll have this year – you are collectively rocking out the Yarnathon this year and we’re so excited that this new team format is letting us get to know more about all of you as people and not just shoppers!

If you submitted an answer between 33-43, you’ve received your yardage and an e-mail to confirm. If you haven’t, just let us know!

This week’s question is up on Twitter:
Question 4: How many T-shirts did we give away in the Yarnathon last year?
Submit your responses via the Google Form by Friday – let’s do a range again, so all answers within 5 of the correct number will get 50 yards added to their individual Yarnathon totals. (And next week’s question will be a softball, we promise!)

Q1 Trivia Question #10 – Last One!

Last week’s question asked you to guess how many orders we got during our first Black Friday sale, which took place just a few weeks after we opened our doors. The answer is 116! Which doesn’t sound like a lot today, but at the time, ESK was pretty much just me and my guest bedroom closet; I was still handwriting address labels and delivering packages to the post office myself, and I was still at the point where I would call Dan to tell him whenever we got an order. So you can imagine my surprise, in the context!

Nowadays, the sale is just as insane compared to our normal daily operations, but we’re a lot more, well, prepared. And we don’t wind yarn during the sale anymore, which is probably one of the biggest time savers!

Well, we’re wrapping up this quarter’s trivia game with our final question this week! Trivia Question #10: What year did we launch the Yarn Marathon? 

Submit your answers to by Friday! If you submit multiple answers, we’ll use the last one you submit.

On Monday, we’ll reveal the correct answer and tell you more about how you can submit your Q1 knit-a-long projects – we’ll start up a new round of trivia for Q2 in the first week of April!

Q1 Trivia Question #9

Last week’s question was: “What month do we start prepping for the Black Friday sale?”

The answer is August, and those of you who found our Instagram of Tiffany making up lotto bags while all the other retail employees were off at DragonCon were right that this was part of it. It might seem way too early, but, well, it’s not! If we start any later, we are running around in a panic the day before the sale instead of enjoying our Thanksgivings with our families. (since we can’t hang out with them Friday and Saturday!) Someone mentioned we wouldn’t have anywhere to store our preps, to which I direct you back to our 14,000 square feet of space, half of which is warehouse. From August to November, if you were to peek back there, you would see the thousands of boxes Lindsay makes up in advance of the sale and bins and bins of lotto bags and extra prize packages!

I admit that we all really enjoyed this one, as there was so much thought put into it about what prepping entailed, when it could conceivably start, and we also learned from your response to our hint that September is a very special month. (it’s the 9th month and has 9 letters in its name, a coincidence we did not realize!) We also clarified earlier in the week that freaking out about the sale and prepping for it were two different animals, and let me just say that we freak out about the sale for most of the year, assuming it’s happening (we always assume it is). It is a crazy, insane event and there is a crazy amount of work that goes into it. (Bonus fact: much like a school teacher, when Dan and I decided to start a family, we even attempted to plan around the Black Friday sale, it’s that crazy.)

So, it’s time for a new question, off of last week’s theme:
Trivia Question #9: How many orders were placed during the first Black Friday sale in 2007? Before you get too alarmed, check out the submission form, where I’ve made this a multiple choice question with ranges, so you’ve got a good chance of guessing!

The Google Form was so successfull last week that we’re planning to stick with it – go to to submit your answer to this week’s question by Friday! If you submit multiple answers, we’ll use the last one you submit.

Q1 Trivia Question #8

Late with #8, whoops! At least it rhymes. I have no good excuse; between work and errands, I somehow managed to completely forget yesterday was Monday.

Last week’s question, “Which ESK yarn gives you the best bang for your buck?” was, of course, Malabrigo Lace! At just $9 for 470 yards, it’s a pretty amazing deal. There are other deals though that always surprise me, which is what inspired this question – about two years ago, I did an accounting of every fingering weight yarn in the store, for example, and was surprised (and delighted) to find that Handmaiden’s Mini Maiden was actually the best value of all of our fingering weight yarns! ($32.50 for 546 yards)

Answers have all been credited and e-mails sent out, let us know if you didn’t get one!

This week’s question is: “What month do we start prepping for the Black Friday sale during years they take place? (Hint: it’s not November!)”

I know, another guessing one, but it’s more or less multiple choice! If it’s too tricky, we’ll post a hint later this week in our Twitter feed. Don’t forget to discuss with your teammates! We’re trying something new this week: submit your answers here :!