Flette from Woolfolk


jessAs soon as I saw Flette from Woolfolk, I fell in love! This yarn’s texture is so unique, I know many might find it intimidating to start a project with a yarn with such an unusual texture, so I jumped at the chance to knit a shop sample.

Immediately I knew that I wanted a hat pattern, and one that was either all or mostly stockinette. I came across several that I thought would work nicely with Flette, and finally settled on Felicity by Wanett Clyde. This simple pattern was a perfect match, although I did make a few small changes so that I wouldn’t run out of yarn.

Flette2For this project, I cast on 90 stitches and worked with the same size needles as the pattern states. I ended up with a delightful teddy bear-like fabric, and everyone in the store loves squishing it. When it came to the increases, I only went up to 110 stitches, knit two rounds, and then began the decreases. Initially I tried doing all of the increases, but I just wasn’t going to have enough yarn. I do want to note that I ripped out my knitting twice while trying to get the right length, and Flette held up wonderfully to my mistreatment.

I wish there were some way you all could just reach through your screen to touch this yarn! Woolfolk takes pride in their 17.5 micron Merino fibers, and I can see why. Flette was incredible to work with, and I’m definitely planning on purchasing a skein of my own to knit another Felicity for myself! I think a small cowl would be great for Flette as well!


Yarn: 1 skein of Flette, Color 01
Needles: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz
Size 5 & 7, 16” cable
Pattern: Felicity by Wanett Clyde

If you have knit with any Woolfolk yarn, I would love to see your projects in the comments below. I loved working with Flette so much that I may even pick a random commenter and send them a skein!

Experience the Joy of Hand-Dyed Yarn

Our motto has always been Experience the Joy of Hand-Dyed Yarn. Our main goal every day is to do everything we can to bring that joy to you! It’s the reason Lindsay comes in at the crack of dawn and why Jess stares at her computer until her eyes cross. It’s the reason Emily posts too many cats and Kinsey will never forget that an anchor sinks and a buoy floats. And, most importantly, a desire to bring the joy of hand-dyed yarn to you is what made Erin grow a business that started out of her closet into what it is today!

So, while we were recently scrolling through Instagram, we saw some amazingly joyful faces in #eatsleepknit that we would love to share. It’s these awesome photos that make ESK special so keep on sharing, y’all!

We can’t even with these two Aussie BFFs ❤

Can’t every day be like this?

Yes, ESK posted this one but it’s too good to not share again.

That’s what we call a sweater smile, which are smiles only caused by completing a knit sweater.

joy /joi/ (noun): a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

iechris74’s sweater literally matches her ice cream!

When you realize its going to fit perfectly!

WIP guard kitty is being a very good kitty.

Second (well-deserved) sweater smile spotted!

Theknitterlyhooker is flashing a fabulous smile in her classic ESK t-shirt 🙂

Our Ariel exclusive with The Colonel from 101 Dalmations? Double the Disney, double the fun!

Have you captured the joy that hand-dyed yarn brings you? Please feel free to share below or on Instagram with #eatsleepknit. We really love seeing your happy faces!

Retro Ravelry

Did you know that when Ravelry first started, you couldn’t join unless you were selected off the invite list? It was (and still is) the coolest club around so we did an extreme creep on the original Ravelry. Some of us were around when Ravelry was first born but, if you’re curious about the features of Ravelry from 2007, keep scrolling through this blog post. We found some interesting things.

We are going to start out with a photo explaining what Ravelry is when nobody knew. As you can see, the creators (and lovers) that started Ravelry have a wonderful sense of humor. They played perfectly on the popularity of MySpace and “Tom” being your first friend. Jessica will always be our first Ravelry friend; whether she knows it or not!

Here are some of the very first friends to join Ravelry? Do you recognize anyone? See yourself?

If you look closely at these two photos, you will see the top yarns and top patterns from 2007. The top 4 yarns are:

  1. Cascade 220
  2. Koigu Premium Merino
  3. Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash
  4. Noro Kureyon
  5. Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (Worsted?)

The top 5 patterns are:

  1. Monkey
  2. Jaywalker
  3. Chevron Scarf
  4. Clapotis
  5. Baby Surprise Jacket

These pattern links are our best guesses so, if you have any insider information (especially about the Monkey pattern), let us know in the comments! Updated thanks to this wonderful community!

Remember when flickr was a thing? Instagram has pretty much taken over as a place to upload photos from but flickr used to be Ravelry’s and their user’s JAM!

If you can believe it, this is what the “Pattern Ideas” tab used to look like. It showed you what other people have done with a side-by-side photo of their Ravatar and their project. Do you prefer this?

There are plenty of other photos you can look at from the original post made by Ravelry. Finding this page can be tricky since it’s so old so check out the waybackmachine search we did. You can even use this website to see what the original Eat.Sleep.Knit. website looked like!

Mrs. Crosby has come to play!


There is an extra special class in our Saturday Series classes called Learn to Dye with Mrs. Crosby. We wanted to further explain what to expect when signing up for this awesomely rare experience.

We have a lovely afternoon planned for our local Amanda Jarvis fans on Saturday, April 28th. For those unfamiliar with Amanda, she is the mastermind behind Lorna’s Laces and Mrs. Crosby! There are 2 ways you can have some fun with her: a free lunch trunk show or a dye class taught by Amanda herself!

The lunch trunk show will take place from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM. We will provide lunch but feel free to bring your favorite sweet treat. As we eat, chat, and knit, you can get one-on-one tips, tricks, and advice from one of the best in the business. Amanda will also have tons of samples for you to try on and yarn-pairing expertise to help you plan out your next Mrs. Crosby project!

We couldn’t be more excited to host our very first dye class! Sign ups started yesterday so reserve your spot soon! In this three-hour class, you’ll learn techniques for dyeing different types of hand-dyed yarns and dye your very own skein like the ones pictured above. Will you choose semi-solid, variegated, or splattershot? Whatever you choose, you’re the boss! The class cost ($85) includes all dye materials and one skein of your choice of any Mrs. Crosby yarn in Creme Fraiche or Lorna’s Laces yarn in Natural. Additional skeins will be available for purchase should you wish to dye more.

Fine print:

  • The class will run from 2 – 5 PM but past students have finished in as little as 1 hour.
  • Cancellations should be made at least one week prior to the event for a full refund. Cancellations within one week will be less a $25 cancellation fee.
  • Yarn Lotto cards are not included with the purchase of just a class.
  • You may use store credit towards your class cost.
  • You can sign-up for this class or one of our other Saturday Series classes online or in store.

Top 5 Way to Use Yarn Scraps

Add a tassel to a finished project

Whether the pattern calls for them or you take the reigns and add them to the points of any shawl, tassels are a great finishing touch.

Tassels add weight to the points of shawls so the ends don’t curl up and they stay in place when styling your shawl. These super trendy additions are fun to make and easy to attach to your next project!

As seen here in Entrelac Shawl with Tassels by Eva Martinsson, the border and tassels create a clean finished look to the exciting color change of Noro Sock.


Yarn art
There’s a fun & easy way to show off your love of yarn, fiber, and knitting while you’re not knitting – yarn art! There are tons of ideas that will add a yarn-y touch to your favorite space. Our favorites are yarn balls strung from a tree branch to make a yarn mobile (seen at top), string art like you did in elementary school, winding yarn balls to put in decorative vases, or making a trendy wall tapestry.

Combine them for a new project

Why not use the ends of multiple projects to whip up something new? Scraps, bits, and bobs can come together beautifully to create a new project.

Patterns like Outline by Beata Jezek and Happyscrappysocks by Socks by Sabs are written specifically to not let those precious bits of yarn go to waste. So, next time you think, I don’t need these 25 extra yards, stash them! You never know what they could become.

Warm a bird’s nest

When you are inside knitting in a warm spot, do you ever think about our feathery friends that live outside? They would love to use your yarn scraps to line and pad their nests to keep warm. All you need to do is fill a suet cage (or other container with holes) with your scraps and hang it in a tree for your local birds. They were surely take care of the rest and, if you hear a sweet tweet the next morning, you know who they’re singing to. YOU!

Pompom party

There ain’t no party like a pompom party, ’cause pompom party don’t stop! These fun fluffy friends are so addicting. Once you make one, you’ll want to make one hundred! You can add them the top of a hat, use them as cat toys, or string them to add color to any room. There are easy tutorials online or you can always spring for a pompom maker in a variety of sizes to create a perfectly round pompom.


Q4 Kitty Picks


For the Q4 Vintage Queue KAL, you all dove deep into your queues, libraries, and favorites to find the one pattern you’ve always meant to knit. With so many new patterns coming out each week, great patterns often get lost so we thought, let’s blow the dust off some ancient patterns and bring them back to life. With so many wonderful projects, this Kitty Picks was the toughest yet! Here are our picks:

Prize: Free shipping coupon

Pick: sew42mom Very Tall Socks
Why? Makes a great winter piece to have! The bow is just too sweet and just makes the socks!




Prize: Feature your project on ESK’s social media

Pick: vintagenettles Pumpkin Bloom
Why? The colorway/pattern combination is flawless. It’s seamless, which I love, and the lace detail that flows from the yoke to the sleeves is just beautiful!




Prize: Skein of yarn

Pick: antifreezekills Faded Oak
Why? To be frank, it’s awesome. Her color fade is spot-on and makes the pattern look even better than the original. I also love that it seamlessly integrates yarn from three different dyers!




Prize: 3 stars for your team

Pick: preciouslyinked Ray of Sunshine
Why? Because WOAH. It’s completely gorgeous, fits perfectly, and makes me want to cast on right now.




Prize: Custom illustration based on your Ravelry profile

Pick: enw001 Catkin
Why? As the very worst knitter at ESK, my pick is always solely based on what jumps out at me as I scroll through. This shawl made me say “I want that!…Maybe I should start knitting again.” The blue/white color combo would be perfect for freezing my tail off in my 200 year old house while waiting for the gas man to come refill our propane.



Prize: Glamor-shot of your favorite yarn

Pick: daughteroffishes Steeky Socks
Why? This socks are so cute (I Gumdrop Mountain so much!) and I love the unusual construction!





Prize: Free shipping coupon

Pick: laniew1 3 Color (not) Cashmere Shawl
Why? These colors are so great together! So cute and well done.




Prize: Free shipping coupon

Pick: sirijor Peanut Butter & Jam
Why? Willy Wonka was my favorite exclusive this year and I love a button up cardigan!




Prize: 1,500 yards

Pick: celaine420 Apex
Why?  It has cables, lace patterning on both sides, multiple charts to work at the same time, AND was a gift knit! This one has been in my queue since it was released and it’s lovely to see Celaine420’s gorgeous version in Vintage.


If your project was picked by an ESK Kitty, please e-mail us at trivia@eatsleepknit.com. We will need your ESK username and, depending on the prize, some other information. We hope you enjoyed this Vintage Queue KAL. If your prize was star(s) or yardage, they will count towards this year’s team/yardage total. Thanks to everyone who knitted-a-long and submitted their projects!

2018 Yarnathon Puzzle – Liar Dyer

Yarnatron dove deep under the sea and got some salt water in his motherboard which shorted some of his circuits. Now, he has a few glitches so he had to come up with a new puzzle for you! Introducing: Liar Dyer!

Yarnatron will now pull up 3 yarn photos on his belly that are supposed to be from the same dyer that’s listed on his top screen. Your job will be to identify which yarn is NOT from that dyer. As the example shows, Yarn 3 is clearly NOT a Madelinetosh colorway (it’s Purple Rain from Blue Moon Fiber Arts) so the answer to this puzzle would be Purple Rain.


These puzzles will get trickier so start studying your colorways now! Liar Dyers will be posted the first 10 Mondays of each quarter on our Twitter feed. Submit your Yarnatron answers here. Have fun, good luck, and if you get stuck, your Ravelry friends will surely give you a hint or two.