Q1 Trivia Question #9

Last week’s question was: “What month do we start prepping for the Black Friday sale?”

The answer is August, and those of you who found our Instagram of Tiffany making up lotto bags while all the other retail employees were off at DragonCon were right that this was part of it. It might seem way too early, but, well, it’s not! If we start any later, we are running around in a panic the day before the sale instead of enjoying our Thanksgivings with our families. (since we can’t hang out with them Friday and Saturday!) Someone mentioned we wouldn’t have anywhere to store our preps, to which I direct you back to our 14,000 square feet of space, half of which is warehouse. From August to November, if you were to peek back there, you would see the thousands of boxes Lindsay makes up in advance of the sale and bins and bins of lotto bags and extra prize packages!

I admit that we all really enjoyed this one, as there was so much thought put into it about what prepping entailed, when it could conceivably start, and we also learned from your response to our hint that September is a very special month. (it’s the 9th month and has 9 letters in its name, a coincidence we did not realize!) We also clarified earlier in the week that freaking out about the sale and prepping for it were two different animals, and let me just say that we freak out about the sale for most of the year, assuming it’s happening (we always assume it is). It is a crazy, insane event and there is a crazy amount of work that goes into it. (Bonus fact: much like a school teacher, when Dan and I decided to start a family, we even attempted to plan around the Black Friday sale, it’s that crazy.)

So, it’s time for a new question, off of last week’s theme:
Trivia Question #9: How many orders were placed during the first Black Friday sale in 2007? Before you get too alarmed, check out the submission form, where I’ve made this a multiple choice question with ranges, so you’ve got a good chance of guessing!

The Google Form was so successfull last week that we’re planning to stick with it – go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xRJQEugTnHG4tEGo7xgdfw6-REg0g2CSemOCGBo5fMM/viewform to submit your answer to this week’s question by Friday! If you submit multiple answers, we’ll use the last one you submit.

Q1 Trivia Question #8

Late with #8, whoops! At least it rhymes. I have no good excuse; between work and errands, I somehow managed to completely forget yesterday was Monday.

Last week’s question, “Which ESK yarn gives you the best bang for your buck?” was, of course, Malabrigo Lace! At just $9 for 470 yards, it’s a pretty amazing deal. There are other deals though that always surprise me, which is what inspired this question – about two years ago, I did an accounting of every fingering weight yarn in the store, for example, and was surprised (and delighted) to find that Handmaiden’s Mini Maiden was actually the best value of all of our fingering weight yarns! ($32.50 for 546 yards)

Answers have all been credited and e-mails sent out, let us know if you didn’t get one!

This week’s question is: “What month do we start prepping for the Black Friday sale during years they take place? (Hint: it’s not November!)”

I know, another guessing one, but it’s more or less multiple choice! If it’s too tricky, we’ll post a hint later this week in our Twitter feed. Don’t forget to discuss with your teammates! We’re trying something new this week: submit your answers here : http://tinyurl.com/ks6xo8m!

Q1 Trivia Question #4

Last week’s question was, “Eat Sleep Knit started in Erin’s spare closet. How large in square footage is ESK’s entire space (retail & warehouse combined)?”

The answer? 14,000 square feet, or 13,880 for the many of you who are far more exact than I ever am! If you submitted any answer between 13,500 and 14,500, your yardage has been credited and we’ve e-mailed you to that effect. And congrats to the Stitchosaurs, who trounced the other teams in trivia participation this week!!

Our first commercial space was 3,600 square feet, and it was huge and I thought we’d never fill it up, ever, but the price was right. It only took two years before we were busting at the seams and we were back on the hunt for more space. We probably only currently use about two-thirds of our space, but hopefully that means we won’t grow out of it so quickly this time. (two years and going strong!)

Which brings us to this week’s question – since we do have all this extra space at the moment, it seems a shame to waste it. Question #4: What is the name of the other business that shares our space with us?

As always, e-mail your answers along with your ESK username or your full name by Friday to trivia at esk dot com. (You’ll need to spell out the URL though!) Correct answers received by Friday will earn 50 extra yards towards your individual totals!

Q1 Trivia Question #3

Last week’s trivia question was, “What were Eat Sleep Knit’s original six yarn brands, available on opening day?”

This one was a serious blast from the past, and we even had to look this one up to determine which of a few options #6 was! The six original yarn brands were:

  1. Cherry Tree Hill
  2. Claudia Handpainted Yarns
  3. Dream in Color
  4. Lorna’s Laces
  5. Schaefer Yarn
  6. ArtYarns

Since that day, two of these companies have closed their doors and of course we stopped carrying #6 a long time ago (though we have considered bringing it back quite a few times…). We recently got an e-mail that Cherry Tree Hill is reopening its doors though, so keep an eye out for that one as it may be returning in the next couple of months! Anyway, if you submitted these six yarn brands (and only these six!), your yardage has been credited, and we’ve sent an e-mail to confirm, so let us know if you don’t see it. And a special congrats to the Octopurls, who doubled their participation from last week! Keep those answers coming!

And now what you really came for:
Question #3: Eat Sleep Knit started in Erin’s spare closet. How large in square footage is ESK’s entire space (retail and warehouse combined)? (an approximation is just fine here; I’m not sure we even know the exact number though more power to you if you find that!)
Like last week, e-mail your responses along with your username and/or full name to trivia at esk dot com by Friday to play! Correct answers submitted by Friday will receive 50 yards to their individual totals with the answers revealed next Monday.

Oh, and a reminder – today is a US federal holiday, so there’s no mail today! All orders will be going out tomorrow.

Trivia Question #2

Oh but not yet! First, the answer to question #1, which was “What date did Eat Sleep Knit open for business?”

The official, actual answer is October 27, 2007, which many of you correctly sleuthed from a blog post on our old blog. And let me just say that I felt slightly terrible about how confusing this question became, because I didn’t intend it to be and I didn’t really think about the other dates out there that might make the answer so confusing. We also gave credit to anyone who responded with 10/17/07 (the date the website itself went live but nothing was for sale yet – we had to do this to get approved for our merchant account!), 10/29/07 (the date our grand opening sale began), and 10/31/07 (which is listed on Rav as our birthday simply because it is actually the date we got our first order!). If you submitted any of these four answers, your yardage has been credited and we’ve sent an e-mail to confirm that, so let us know if you don’t see it.

I hope that you all still had fun with this as that is really our goal here – we’re having fun behind the scenes trying to remember the answers to some of these ourselves, like this week’s question which we actually had to confirm on the internet! (I checked to be certain there is clearly only one answer this time, fear not.)

We had about 140 people play last week, and hope even more of you will play along this week – remember there’s no penalty for a wrong guess and we WANT you to collaborate amongst yourselves so if you don’t know or aren’t sure, visit your Ravelry thread and brainstorm! Encourage all your teammates to e-mail in too; 50 yards a week adds up really quickly (in fact, you could reach the 5K mark and earn a $20 store credit just by participating in all of the knit-a-longs and trivia questions this year!).

Without further ado:
Question #2: What were Eat Sleep Knit’s original six yarn brands, available on opening day?
Like last week, e-mail your responses along with your username and/or full name to trivia at esk dot com by Friday to play!

Friday Five – Steeks!

Have you picked your project from the first quarter “New to You” knit-a-long yet? At first, I had a hard time thinking of a technique I hadn’t at least tried, but then I remembered **steeking**. I always say there’s nothing to be scared of about knitting, it’s only yarn after all, but steeking? Steeking scares me a little bit. It wouldn’t be quite so bad were it not for the fact that most steeked projects are elaborate colorwork projects worked at a fine gauge and if that goes awry, well, you could have just destroyed months of lovely knitting. There would be tears.

So, I’m doing it – steeking. (Go Team Fiber Monkeys!) Turns out, there are a lot of incredible steeking projects that aren’t quite as elaborate lest things take a bad turn, and I had a hard time deciding! If you’re thinking of steeks, maybe you can use some of my research.


The Aesa Pullover is kind of amazing. I want to make it; I maybe even want to make a cardigan-ized version, but I’m not sure I can pull this off in 3 months, and I’m not sure what yarn I’d want to use. I’m thinking this might be my second (or third) steeking project, but it’s in my queue for sure.


On the other end of the spectrum is Tess – a completely reasonable project for three months, but still a lovely stranded little project. And it calls for one of my favorite yarns (Shibui Staccato). And I do kind of need a new pair of slipper socks.


I briefly considered the Baby Snowflakes blanket, but figured by the time it is done, it will be warm out and my baby will no longer be much of a baby so another one is saved for later. I was encouraged that this one called for Cephalopod’s Skinny Bugga, however – since you read so many people saying you absolutely can’t steek with a superwash yarn, clearly, you can! But I think you probably have to be a lot more careful about reinforcing things.


Angry Sheep Cardigan! Does this even need an explanation? I alllllllmost picked this one.


But then I found this one, and Levi needs a Pod of Cetaceans for sure. I’m knitting mine in Yarn Love’s (non-superwash!) Anne Shirley in Storm, Steel Blue, Whisper, and Arabian Nights. I decided to go for gold and knit the sleeves two-at-a-time, bringing two new techniques to one adorable project!

What’s your “New to You” project going to be?