Candyland Exclusive Colorways All Knit Up!

golden-kittyGolden Kitty would like to show you some of our Candyland Exclusives knit up. This is our favorite part about exclusives – we have no clue what they will look like when they are actually knit into a project. We get these boxes of beautiful skeins and know they’ll be amazing but the true excitement comes from seeing your projects pop up! If you have a Candyland Exclusive that we did not feature, please share with us in the comments below. We would absolutely love to see them!

First up is Squoosh Fiber Arts who created 9 tonal colorways that coordinate with each of our milestone lands. These colors are subtly variegated which lends well to garments. These colors are available on Merino Cashmere:Sock, Ultra DK, Ultra Worsted, and if you can’t decide which color you like best, collect them all in the rainbow-y Beefcake Mini Set!


Candyland Castle


Very Cherry


Spun Sugar


Mallowmar & Cherry Cola

Rock Candy

Rock Candy

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola


Beefcake Mini Set

Blue Moon Fiber Arts completely knocked our socks off with the Candyland colorways they came up with. We double lucked out: 1. Candyland was Tina’s, BMFA owner, favorite board game as a child so she had inspiration coming out of her ears and 2. We were able to snag 2 new bases: Super Sparkle & Sock That Rock: Mediumweight! These colors are also available on Targhee Worsted and Tigger Targhee. Let’s stroll around the board, visit some lands, and drool over these sweet colorways.

Gumdrop Mountain

Gumdrop Mountain

Lord Licorice's Bitter Bats

Lord Licorice’s Bitter Bats

Molasses Swamp Monster

Molasses Swamp Monster

Mr. Mint

Mr. Mint



Queen Frostine

Queen Frostine

Three Irish Girls are creating holiday candy mini-skein exclusive sets for us and we are bursting with excitement! We have only released 1 Adorn Luxe set for Valentine’s Day but you all will absolutely want to be on the lookout for the next holiday. It has arrived at ESK and it’s taking everything we have to not share it with you just yet! It was released a few days ago so we don’t have a knit photo to share but we wanted to make you all aware of what’s to come during the year.

I Like Candy When It's Wrapped in a Sweater

I Like Candy When It’s Wrapped in a Sweater

Last but definitely not least, Madelinetosh. We paired up with Tosh to create 12 monthly Willy Wonka exclusives. So far, we have seen Willy Wonka and Golden ticket but, trust us, you will definitely want to stay tuned for the rest of the year. You’ll be able to collect these colors on ASAP, Tosh DK, Tosh Merino Light, Tosh Vintage, and Twist Light. We have some fun stuff up our kitty sleeves – characters, fun scenes, and memorable Wonka moments translated into amazing colorways!

January - Willy Wonka

January – Willy Wonka

February - Golden Ticket

February – Golden Ticket

You can find most of these knitters in our Candy Yarn forum on Ravelry. Check them out and maybe give some hearts to their awesome projects! We are missing some colorways so, please, feel free to share your projects below! Thanks to the amazingly talented dyers for teaming up with us on this sweet project.



February Featured Yarn: ShibuiKnits Drift


If you are looking for a luxurious worsted weight yarn, ShibuiKnits Drift is your answer. This Fine Merino and Cashmere blend drapes like velvet which makes it ideal for cuddly cowl or a slinky sweater. Shibui is notorious for pairing their yarns for held-double projects that will knock your socks off. We have picked our favorite pattern suggestions for this delightful yarn.


Rise by Shellie Anderson pairs Drift with Silk Cloud to make a perfect hat and cowl set. The allover cable pattern pops with the stunning stitch definition created by Drift.

What do you need?
Hat or Cowl Yarn
2 skeins Drift
1 skein Silk Cloud

US 7 – 4.5 mm
US 10 – 6.0 mm

One Cable Mitts by Valerie Teppo
is a simple fingerless mitts pattern that really shows off those stitches with a bold cable. This pattern would be great for those who are trying cables for the first time and need to clearly see their stitches and not try to tackle fiddly fingering weight when learning cabling.

What do you need?
1 skein Drift

US 9 – 5.5 mm

drift-big-herringbone-cowlDrift is super squishy and soft so that lends well to accessories worn close to your face. Our last pattern suggestion in Big Herringbone Cowl by Purl Soho. All you need for this bad boy is a pair of US 17 – 12.75 mm and, depending on the length you’d like, 500 yards of Drift for a cowl you can double and half that for a single wrap. Heavy yarn plus big needles equals a super quick knit!

2016: Lost in Space


Put on your astronaut suit and come along with us while we remember the 2016 Yarnathon: A Space Race. We will visit each planet in our Yarniverse to show off KAL projects, say hello to the new friends we made, and share our favorite moments from this amazing year.

As always, we can’t thank you enough for being you and doing what you do. Eat.Sleep.Knit. would be nothing without it’s creative, funny, supportive, and kind group of customers & friends. The outpouring of love that we receive throughout the year makes all that we do worth it.

sunLet’s begin at The Sun and remember all the awesome exclusive space yarn that was released at the beginning of the year. From Set Phasers to Stun by Western Sky Knits to Vader by BMFA to Put a Ring On It by Three Irish Girls, our dyers truly impressed us with their interpretations of space. You all also rang in the New Year with a quick KAL – Spiral Cowl by Keri McKiernan. To see some of your friend’s cowl, click here!


mercuryMercury brought a fantastic new dyer, Nerd Girl Yarns, the Starfighter Hat designed by our very own Tracey, and the beginning of the enormously beautiful Carson Throw by Romi Hill. You all filled up your carts with colorways like Dirigible Sunrise & Blue Exploding Box. The Starfighter Hat was a quick knit and looked amazing in the exclusives you all chose. See some here.

You all were so excited to start the massive Carson Throw. Some picked kits we created while others went solo with color choices but, either, way, those first rounds flew by! As for the rest of the throw, things got…interesting as we progressed.

venusSince women are from Venus, let’s talk about the wild woman who turned 1 this year, Molly McBride. She’s cute as a button but has the fear level of Evil Knievel. This little one has taken Erin & Dan to the Urgent Care many times this year but who could be mad at that face? She’s just…curious and cute and we can’t get enough!molly

earthEarth – home sweet home. There is no better place to wrap up in a beautiful space shawl like the ones you all knit during March and April. We chose the Astronomy Shawl Collection by verybusymonkey and 2 crochet options: Half Moon Shawl & Galaxy. Whether you chose to use multiple colorways like pixielith’s Saturn Rings Shawl, an ombre like TBishop0513’s Half Moon Shawl , or something solid like maayanplaut’s Meteor Shower Shawl, you now have a cozy shawl to remind you of your year in space with all of your ESK friends!

marsAs the book says, men are from Mars so can we all please notice what a sweet gentleman Levi has become. As a very smart 3 year old, he absolutely adores Molly, loves following directions at Pre-school, and wants to build beeboop’s like Dad. He’s a gentle guy who likes sprinkles on his toast so you know he’s a Walker. How did he go from crawling around the shop to “reading” a magazine while waiting in the drop off line at school.  levi

jupiterLet’s jump right in to Jupiter and show of some of the amazing space socks you all made. For this KAL, you could knit any sock pattern but you had to use one of our exclusive space colorways.

The best part of exclusives is that we have no clue what they look like knit up until we see your projects so this was a really fun KAL for us. Check out some space socks here.


saturnWe were so excited to team up with Alicia Plummer to host the Staring at Stars KAL. Alicia designed a raglan cardigan for you all to wear while stargazing in the crisp evening air. The suggested yarn was WSK Willow DK in Deep Space but here is one of our favorites who went in another great direction, celaine420’s Staring at Stripes.


uranusFor the planet that shall not be named, let’s remember learning or refreshing our minds on the star stitch. You gathered those loops to make a pretty stitch that represents those twinkles in the sky. Some of you made shawls, some went big with sweaters, but everyone shined in this KAL. Alicia07 will definitely shine in her perfectly fitting Isidro knit in Tosh Sock! alicia07

neptuneNeptune is technically the last planet, but nobody ever said ESK follows ALL the rules! It’s time we show of some of those Carson Throws that you all spent so much time and effort completing. This was truly a major feat for a lot of you, including the kitties. We chose this KAL because we all wanted to knit an incredible huge blanket but never had the motivation. Well, just call us motivators because SO MANY of you finished your throws this year. Admire them here.


plutoFor the true last planet, little Pluto, we would really like to share the love! We mentioned earlier that we would be nothing without you guys and we truly mean that. Without you, there would be no excitement, no friendships, no growth, no yarn drooling, no project help, no support when life gets real, no sharing of funny many things would be missing. Without you, we’d be just another online yarn store. But somehow, we found each other and it’s so awesome. So, from all the ESK kitties, thank you for a tremendous year and we look forward to another sweet year! Make sure to visit our Yarnathon homepage on January 1st, 2017 to see what fun things we have planned for the next 365 days.

Kitty Kaboodle: On the Needles


This is our busiest time of year, planning all the excitement for next year’s Yarnathon & keeping up with your orders for this chilly time of year, but we still try to make as much time for our personal knitting as possible. We really love bringing in our projects to share with one another so why not share them with our online family too! Keep scrolling to see what some of the kitties are working on/have picked back up after a long hibernation!

Uncia by Lucy Hague

jessJess is currently working on Uncia by Lucy Hague. She is using Malabrigo Lace in Polar Morn to tackle this tediously beautiful wrap. This design is modeled after the detailed architecture of Gothic and Roman rose windows which pairs perfectly with Jess’s love of all things spooky! When she brought this in to share with the kitties, we were all amazed by how light and airy this shawl is knitting up. It’s going to be beautiful with her purple/teal hair!



janineThis is the project that would earn Janine her Long Haul Badge but, boy, is it amazing! Janine picked back up Saltwater by Heidi Kirrmaier after she looked in a stray project bag and saw how incredible Madelinetosh TML in Cardinal & Whiskey Barrel look together. She really enjoyed the ease of this pattern so it will be great for her to bring to one of the Knit Nights that she hosts every Friday evening!


traceyTracey is notorious for having multiple projects on the needles at a time. She gets bored easily so she likes to switch between sweaters and socks and fun shawls. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Tracey has been flying through Woodfords by Elizabeth Doherty using our 2015 Madelinetosh exclusive colorway, The Fox on TML! This cardigan will be perfect for Thanksgiving morning as she prepares pies for her family’s feast.



EmilyEmily was so struck by Camp Wilkerson by Caitllin Hunter that she immediately bought the pattern & had Tracey help her pick colors in Malabrigo Rios. They chose Pearl Ten, Natural, Frank Ochre, and Teal Feather. She cast on and has been jamming on this over-sized shawl. Rios is truly a pleasure to work with – so soft on your hands and her tight gauge really shows off the simple stockinette. She’s now on the home stretch, just two more stripes and the big block of Frank Ochre and she’s done!


erinErin has been working on her project for our Colorwork Space Mittens KAL. She chose to tackle the Galileo Mittens and is using Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering Superwash in the colorways It’s a Supernatural Thing and Spores. She is the loosest and quickest knitter here so, kid duties permitting, she will have these babies finished in no time! Now, we aren’t sure if this Georgia weather will get cold enough for her to wear them but I’m sure she would crank her A/C just to sport them!

Share with us what you are working on! Any holiday knitting? Or maybe a special gift just for yourself?

Q4 Rundown


It’s October and we are so excited for the end of the year! We have new Booster Club badges, 3 new KALs, and all new Power Boosts begin today. Take a minute to read over what’s new so you can earn as many stars and yards as you can to help your team blast through space!

New Badges

  • Fill in the Blanket (20 points) – Complete your Carson Throw! (or any other 1000+ yard blanket)
  • Tail of Two Bases (20 points) – Complete a project that uses at least 300 yards each of two different bases of yarn.
  • The Braidy Bunch (10 points) – Complete a project that uses a braiding design element.
  • Winter Wear (10 points) – Complete a cold weather project using chunky weight (or heavier) yarn. Can combine multiple projects to hit 300 yard minimum
  • Marky Mark (5 points) – Use 6 or more stitchmarkers at the same time in a single project.
  • Loose Screw (5 points) – Earn this badge if your tip becomes disconnected from your cable while knitting.

3 New KALs


Colorwork Space Mittens – You must use 250 yards & have 5 fun patterns to choose from. The patterns range in difficulty for new & seasoned knitters!

  1. Earth & Star Mittens by Emily Bujold
  2. Andromeda Mittens by Emily Bujold
  3. Galileo Mittens by Laura Chau
  4. Starry Mittens by Brenda K. B. Anderson
  5. Comet by Tonja Osswald

Star Stitch – This KAL has a range of yardage minimums with coordinating prizes: 300-599 yards for 250 yards & .5 star and 600 yards+ for 500 yards & 1 star. You can use any pattern that incorporates the star stitch for at least 50% of the pattern.

Orbital Space Ornaments – The pattern Orbital Ornaments by Laura Chau (crochet alternative Space Mobile by Carolina Guzman) will round out our year of KALs! These would make adorable ornaments for your tree or great stuffies/toys. Use up those scraps as 200 yards/50g per color will make many ornaments!

Power Boosts

Check them all out on one page as well, if you prefer!



If you have ever wondered why our photos are so beautiful – the answer is Jess! She has a meticulous process for photographing all of our stunning yarn so we thought we would share it with you. From the yarn being delivered to our back door to updating the website with accurate & flawless photos, Jessica is hands-on and truly knows what she is doing. We are so lucky to have her talent and eye for detail!

img_4994Yarn Arrives

We love hearing the UPS man knock at our back bay door because that means we get to unpack big boxes of beautiful squishy yarn. Sometimes he only delivers a few boxes but sometimes, usually when we place a big Madelinetosh order, he slings 15 boxes off the truck. The excitement really begins as we load up our red dolly and bring those yarn bombs into our unpacking room. There’s a barrage of kitty paws ripping at the tape and squeeing over all the pretties!



As we unpack the boxes, we count every single skein to ensure our order was filled correctly. We do our very best to make sure our inventory reflects exactly what we received. If we receive 2 bags of a colorway that don’t match well, we note the different dye lots on the invoice. At this point, we pick the skein from each dye lot that gives the best representation of the colorway for Jessica to photograph. We call this box of singles “orphans.”




Before Jessica starts her re-photographing process, she compares the orphans to the picture we currently have on the website. Sometimes they match quite well so there is no need to re-photo but, most of the time, they need to be re-photographed because of the variability of hand-dyed yarn. We want to give you the best idea of what your skein will look like when you pull it out of your box so this is a tedious yet necessary process! Jessica’s eye for detail really comes into play here.




Once Jessica compares the orphans to the website, she begins photographing! She expertly skeins and smooths each skein to make them look super pretty. It’s amazing how perfectly Jess can skein yarn – with a little twist and flick of the wrist, perfect skein every time! She then places the skeins in our photobooth, focuses the camera, and clicks away.

Funny story about our photobooth – there is Velcro around the edges of the booth for some reason. Well, Jessica has very fine, silky hair and it ALWAYS gets caught on that Velcro when she’s reaching to put the skeins inside. If you look closely at the picture, you can see where Jessica stuck scrap yarn to the Velcro so she wouldn’t get her purple locks caught every 5 seconds! Think this would qualify for the Tangled badge?


Jessica edits each photo to color and light correct – the camera does the best it can but sometimes it gets it wrong. This is where Jessica’s highly-trained eye gets put to work. She places the skein next to her monitor for reference as she works her magic. She makes slight color adjustments and “cleans up” any dust or stray fibers that may have floated in her booth. With the wave of her stylus, perfect photos are ready to be uploaded for your viewing pleasure!


Save, Upload, Add to Inventory

The final step in her journey is to save all the photos, resize them for thumbnails & zoom views, and upload them to the website. Dan created an awesome “Inventory Assistant” that allows us to add skeins to inventory super quickly and efficiently.

Adventures in Photography

Jessica & Emily really like going on photography adventures to get shots of our pretty yarn outdoors or posed around the shop. Most of the time, they get great shots quickly and enjoy the break from sitting in their offices. BUT! Sometimes, things just don’t jive. They encounter ants, some forehead sweat, wind, and skeins that just don’t want their photo taken. But the end result is usually worth it. They have been secretly working on a calendar so here is a sneak peak!


From start to finish and depending on how big the shipment is, this process can take days. Jessica is really good about posting and updating inventory as she goes and the hard work she puts into her photography definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Give this kitty some praise in the comments below!

Statistics 101

Get your pencils and calculators ready, we are taking you back to Statistics class! We are weirdly obsessed with numbers, names, and odd trends. When we find a rare slow moment at the shop, we dive right in to our database and archives! You have probably never wondered about any of this information but we thought we would share it nonetheless.

Largest order: Order 83109 @ 35,626 yards placed on Feb 17, 2014Largest Order

Other honorable mentions –

Order 135249 @ 30,556 yards

Order 141931 @ 30,437 yards

Order 82744 @ 30,000 yards

How old is ESK: 9 years

Rarest countries that we ship to: Chile, Argentina, & Thailand – We have never shipped to any African countries (big surprise, it’s a little toasty for wool)


This map is in Lindsay’s office – Amy adds a star to every city we ship to!

Most popular first name: Sarah

Number of orders shipped: 150,225 (as of August 31st)

Top 5 Yarnathoners of all time:

  1. nelson1122 with 702,090 yards
  2. lfsutton with 627,377 yards
  3. missknitty1 with 557,390 yards
  4. la.nateva with 556,388
  5. sjohnso3 with 543,760 yards

Our first customer: Jennifer in Merriam, KS (October 22, 2007) Here’s her order:

1 Cherry Tree Hill – Supersock, Tropical Storm

5 Artyarns – Supermerino, Color 139

4 Claudia Handpainted Yarn – Sport, John B

Our first dyer: Claudia Handpainted – here is Erin’s first e-mail ever to a dyer!

First Order EVER

Our newest dyer: Hedgehog Fibres

Famous ESK shoppers: Stephen West, Katie Franceschi, Vickie Howell

Biggest Black Friday: 1,837 orders shipped & 10,011 items sold in 2015

Number of customers who have participated every year since 2008 (when the Yarnathon began): 23

We hope your enjoyed your statistics lesson today, students! The kitties, especially Erin, love looking through old data so hopefully this scratched that part of your brain that has been asleep since college.