Tour of the Store

Panoramic view


We have customers from all over the world: France, Russia, Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, and all over the United States. Majority of these friends will never make it to our shop so we thought it would be neat to give you a little tour! This way, everyone can have a better image of where your yarn lives before it is shipped all over the world to loving yarn homes! So here is a glimpse into the crazy fun Eat.Sleep.Knit world:


View as you walk in the door.


Our cozy seating area and the place where all the Knit Night magic happens!


Window Kitty’s view


Jess is ready to check you out at the register!


Winding table and pattern room. Also home of Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud & Chloe.


Pattern books and sample knits line the counter on the right.


Noro, Dream In Color, and our prized MORE THIS WAY yarn ball sign!


MORE THIS WAY room: Kauni, Numma Numma, Pagewood Farm, Tanis Fiber Arts, Three Irish Girls, and Yarn Love.


Emily L and Emily K share an office – what fun, right? Here is Emily L responding to all the awesome chatter on Ravelry!


Jenny will always have a home in The Emilys’ office!


This is where Emily K creates Golden Kitties, Flash Challenges, and other Social Media madness!


Sweet Georgia and Hiya Hiya meet!


Needles, notions, and Juniper Moon!


A wall of Knitter’s Pride and some ESK totes.


Madelinetosh is around the corner…


aaaand down this entire aisle!


We display every card you all send us! They really mean a lot and brighten our days 🙂


Rows and rows…


and more rows of yarn!


Want a t-shirt? We have plenty!


Thanks to this desk and Linsday, your packages ship super fast!


Lindsay’s “supply closet”


Warehouse restock

Our plushie friends!

Our plushie friends!

We hope you all can come visit, pet some yarn, and see the store for yourself! But since miles, oceans, and continents separate some of us, we hope you enjoyed this tour of the place we all call home!

Needle Knowledge!

Choosing Needles Part 1
By Tiffany McGriff

The other day I made a Ravelry post joking about the number of US 7 (4.5mm) needles I have accumulated. This is in part because I do keep multiple works in progress and I want to work on something new without finishing an older project. Looking further over my needle collection, I realized I have different needles because I have different uses for each of them. There are so many needle choices available to knitters; where do you even begin to choose?

Single Pointed, Double Pointed, and Circulars

Almost every knitter I have talked to has started with straight, single point needles.StraightNeedles

These needles are great for knitting flat pieces such as scarves, dishcloths, and sweater pieces. As an added bonus, straight needles tend to be a bit less expensive than circulars. But what if you want to make something that isn’t flat? You can either seam together a flat object, or you can use double pointed or circular needles.

Double pointed needles (DPN’s) are similar to single points, as they are still straight, however they are usually smaller in length and you can manipulate stitches from both ends of the needle.DPNs

These needles are great for knitting smaller circular pieces such as socks, hats, and gloves.

Circular Needles are the most versatile needle, as you can use them just as you would single points or join in the round for circular projects .Circular

These needles can be found in lengths ranging from 8 inches up to 60 inches, which are great for smaller projects such as fingerless mittens or larger projects such as blankets. Circular needles can also be used for special techniques such as using two circulars at the same time or magic-loop.

In “Choosing Needles Part 2” I will be talking about the various needle materials and how they work with different yarns!