Meet the Fellows: Sierra Morningstar

I’m Sierra. I was born and raised in Michigan, and I’m a water-loving Michigander at heart.  I love spending time with my family and my pets.

How did you get into knitting & designing knitwear? Slowly! I knit for a long time before I started designing, and, when I did design, it wasn’t with a specific goal in mind. I just started dabbling with small things for myself, and slowly fell in love with it.

Maverick is constantly stealing half-knit projects & balls of yarn!

What does your design process look like? My design process includes a little bit of everything. Often, I start with a vague idea, inspired by colors or patterns in nature. Sometimes, I’m looking through a stitch dictionary for an entirely different reason, and get inspired by something I see in there. Other times, I’m looking for a pattern for the perfect skein of yarn, and that’s what leads me places. Some days, I work up ideas based on submission calls and find things I really want to create for myself. I’m also inspired by things I personally need or want to wear– a new pair of mittens or a hat to match a coat, a sweater that just makes me feel comfy.

What type of project do you like to knit/crochet most? I love a cozy hand-knit sweater, especially with a shawl collar, and they are definitely my favorite finished projects. But my favorite thing to actually knit is probably hats. I love wearing them, I can experiment with fun colors I might not want a whole sweater out of, and most importantly, I can finish them quickly! And anything cozy. I love cozy!

What are you best known for as a designer? As a designer, and even knitter, I don’t have one thing that attracts me. I love it all – color, cables, texture, (though maybe especially cozy texture.) I hope to combine simple versions of these elements in a straightforward style to create classic pieces.

What yarns do you prefer? I like worsted and DK weight yarn. I knit a lot with non-superwash yarn. I just love the woolly, I just came off a sheep, feel of it. But also, I’m absolutely mesmerized by the vibrant, gorgeous colors achieved by dyers on superwash yarn.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of the fiber community? I love all kinds of crafts, though I don’t have much time to get into them as I would like. I enjoy dogs, outdoors, and wine. And I really like all three together! Also, cuddling dogs. If I have one true talent, its dog cuddling. 

Here’s Mav on the dock at our cabin in northern Michigan. This is my favorite, most productive place to knit. The beds are the dogs, but they let me use them.

Is there anything else you’d like our crafters to know about you? I am a ridiculously slow knitter. I truly embrace the ‘slow’ in slow fashion. (Though not willingly!) This is one of the reasons I gravitate towards the heavier weight yarns.  I’m trying to accept it, but each time I see a testers and people on Instagram fly through projects, I feel an acute pang of jealousy.
Also- I’ve never knit a pair of socks. I feel like that might be sacrilege for a knitter – but I have my eye on a pattern so maybe soon.

Find Sierra’s design profile here and, if you want to see more of Maverick, follow her on Instagram @sierra_morningstar!

2 thoughts on “Meet the Fellows: Sierra Morningstar

  1. Hello fellow slow knitter! I know exactly what you mean with the pang of jealousy. Whenever I see them finish something in a day I am like “do you not do anything else all day?!”
    I’d love to be able to knit faster, but I might overcount or lose my pattern and if I knit for too long I get bad cramps in my hands and forearms.

    Are you a self taught knitter or did you pick it up from mother/grandmother/neighbour?

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