Meet the Fellows: Ash Christine

Hi, I’m Ash from the southern end of the East Coast here in the United States. I’m a designer and small business owner by day and a writer by night. I love playing with color palettes and combining stitch patterns in new & interesting ways for each of my designs.

What designers do you admire & why?
Mina Philipp of Knitting Expat Designs – I love the color play that she does in her own designs. I’m a huge fan of color and I love that she brings her own personal touch to each of her designs.

What does your design process look like?
Honestly, my design process changes so often it’s hard to say! Sometimes I’ll find a stitch pattern in a stitch dictionary and immediately know what I want to turn it into. Other times, I find yarn I want to use and try out a few things to see what gets the best stitch definition – and sometimes I just start sketching out ideas before I even really know what I’m planning on designing!

What type of project do you like to knit/crochet most?
In my personal knitting time, I love making blankets – they’re one of the first things I learned to make and I’m a huge fan of long-term projects. The only downside is when you have TWELVE long-term projects LOL!
As for designing, hats are one of my favorite things to design. There’s something so gratifying about seeing those decreases come together and shape the hat!

What are you best known for as a designer?
Definitely cables! I’m obsessed with the way each cable twists and turns to create an image – hands down one of my favorite things to add to a design.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of the fiber community?
Ooh, definitely writing – I’ve been writing fiction going on fifteen years now and I still absolutely love it! And I gotta give a shout-out to reading – I’m always looking for my next favorite book!

If you have a book recommendation for Ash, give her a shoutout in the comments below or check her out on Instagram as @ashchristinedesigns and on her Ravelry designer’s page! After adding a few things to your queue, head over to Ash’s etsy shop to find a set of handmade stitch markers.

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