Q1 Trivia Question #6

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through our little game! We’re having lots of fun with this and really hope you all are too.

Last week’s question was: “How many IKEA Expedits are currently in service at ESK?”


A confession: though we wrote these questions last year, we had not counted yet (not least because we’re always adding new ones). So we had to count too. I had originally said we’d accept answers within 3 but I decided to accept answers within 5 once I realized we had a ton more than even I knew – 84 in total! Congrats to those who got it right and the intrepid locals who came to count; even in person counting was quite challenging!

I know some of you were a bit peeved by last week’s question, and, okay, I’ll just say it – you’ve worried me a bit. I hope that we’ve not given you the wrong impression that this is supposed to be some kind of onerous task! The origins of this are really quite simple – here in Atlanta, bar trivia is quite a popular social activity. Each night there are dozens of restaurants and bars that host, and you meet up with a gang of friends and eat moderately unhealthy food and have hours of good fun debating and discussing the possible answers to trivia questions that you can not possibly know all of the answers to.

We wanted to bring you that same feeling, as much as we could, virtually with your fellow teammates. The thrill of the hunt, the fun of the discussion and learning more about ESK, the yarns we carry, and our employees and customers (each quarter’s questions have a theme, see!). We also didn’t want to make it mindnumbingly difficult, so we’ll have loads of questions whose answers can be found with a little internet supersleuthing. But some of the questions won’t! But we’ll always make sure you have access to enough info for an educated guess, like this week, and we try to be fair in giving credit for answers, and we hope that you have fun uncovering the answers no matter what type of question it is. And most importantly, if you hate this, and aren’t having fun, join us in something you like better, like the knit-a-long! Just please please know our goal is FUN!

This week’s question is a little more straightforward, because you deserve a rest!
Question #6: How many people work for ESK, including owners Erin & Dan?
As always, e-mail your answers by Friday to trivia at eat sleep knit dot com. Please try to include your ESK username or full name!

Also, as Monday is a holiday and I’ve be traveling this weekend away from internet access, it may take me until Monday afternoon to get the answers credited and posted so don’t panic if you don’t get an e-mail Sunday as usual!

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