Top 5 Way to Use Yarn Scraps

Add a tassel to a finished project

Whether the pattern calls for them or you take the reigns and add them to the points of any shawl, tassels are a great finishing touch.

Tassels add weight to the points of shawls so the ends don’t curl up and they stay in place when styling your shawl. These super trendy additions are fun to make and easy to attach to your next project!

As seen here in Entrelac Shawl with Tassels by Eva Martinsson, the border and tassels create a clean finished look to the exciting color change of Noro Sock.


Yarn art
There’s a fun & easy way to show off your love of yarn, fiber, and knitting while you’re not knitting – yarn art! There are tons of ideas that will add a yarn-y touch to your favorite space. Our favorites are yarn balls strung from a tree branch to make a yarn mobile (seen at top), string art like you did in elementary school, winding yarn balls to put in decorative vases, or making a trendy wall tapestry.

Combine them for a new project

Why not use the ends of multiple projects to whip up something new? Scraps, bits, and bobs can come together beautifully to create a new project.

Patterns like Outline by Beata Jezek and Happyscrappysocks by Socks by Sabs are written specifically to not let those precious bits of yarn go to waste. So, next time you think, I don’t need these 25 extra yards, stash them! You never know what they could become.

Warm a bird’s nest

When you are inside knitting in a warm spot, do you ever think about our feathery friends that live outside? They would love to use your yarn scraps to line and pad their nests to keep warm. All you need to do is fill a suet cage (or other container with holes) with your scraps and hang it in a tree for your local birds. They were surely take care of the rest and, if you hear a sweet tweet the next morning, you know who they’re singing to. YOU!

Pompom party

There ain’t no party like a pompom party, ’cause pompom party don’t stop! These fun fluffy friends are so addicting. Once you make one, you’ll want to make one hundred! You can add them the top of a hat, use them as cat toys, or string them to add color to any room. There are easy tutorials online or you can always spring for a pompom maker in a variety of sizes to create a perfectly round pompom.