Friday Five – 2/28/14

Friday Five is back after a little hiatus! We’ve been crazy busy with restocking, planning, and scheming, plus some traveling in there, but I’m back to dreaming of all the things I don’t have time to knit again this week, maybe more than ever before. (I had 12 patterns for the Friday Five today, all of which I desperately want to make yesterday, and that’s not even counting my cute bonus patterns.)

montroseMonte Rosa has been on my list for a while, and somehow I’ve never gotten around to telling you all about it. A seamless, top-down sweater knit in a fluffy worsted weight is pretty much my idea of a vacation knit – relaxing, satisfying, quick, and the end result is this adorable sweater.

Love the garter stitch body and the eyelet cable details – so much texture without much complication in the knitting! And the piping around the cuffs and bands adds just the right touch of whimsy.

morvarch-2_medium2Morvarch. I know, it’s a laceweight shawl. Perhaps worse, it’s a solid stockinette and cabled laceweight shawl. So, basically the opposite of Monte Rosa – this is not your relaxing weekend knit. But it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Morvarch is actually knit from the center out like many traditional circular shawls, and short rows are used to create the square shape. I just think the combination of stunning finished project and delicate celtic cables in a cozy soft yarn might worth your while.


montaguemiteredMontague Street Cowl looks like loads of fun, experimenting with stripes, mitered squares, and colorwork all in garter stitch. Pick two colors you love together and just one skein of each gets you there!

I’d love one of these in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted or even Juniper Moon Farm’s Moonshine!

parallaxParallax. I know, it also looks complicated. I like a complicated knit, don’t try to change me!

This scarf is awesome and part of a 5 pattern booklet of equally awesome combinations of Kauni Effektgarn in various mesmerizing patterns. The scarves are all double knit with a solid, so they are reversible, and would be a great project to try double knitting with if you haven’t already. (Like if hypothetically you’re looking for a project you can get done in just a month for our Q1 “New-to-You” knit-a-long! You’ve still got time!)

songoftheseaSong of the Sea might be a breath of fresh air for those of you wondering what kind of medication I’m on after these other suggestions – a solid color, fingering weight cowl knit at a nice loose gauge, imagine that. Just you and me and a single skein of sock yarn; we can do this.

I love this stitch pattern, which reminds one, as suggested, of waves on the sea. I’m envisioning this in a cashmere blend or Mini Maiden, something truly decadent around the neck.


steggyAnd because it’s not Friday Five without a pattern just for fun, I present you with Puff the Magic Stegosaurus. I actually love knitting these little African Flowers, so this steggy is a fun use for them. There’s even a coupon code for this weekend!

Q1 Trivia Question #8

Late with #8, whoops! At least it rhymes. I have no good excuse; between work and errands, I somehow managed to completely forget yesterday was Monday.

Last week’s question, “Which ESK yarn gives you the best bang for your buck?” was, of course, Malabrigo Lace! At just $9 for 470 yards, it’s a pretty amazing deal. There are other deals though that always surprise me, which is what inspired this question – about two years ago, I did an accounting of every fingering weight yarn in the store, for example, and was surprised (and delighted) to find that Handmaiden’s Mini Maiden was actually the best value of all of our fingering weight yarns! ($32.50 for 546 yards)

Answers have all been credited and e-mails sent out, let us know if you didn’t get one!

This week’s question is: “What month do we start prepping for the Black Friday sale during years they take place? (Hint: it’s not November!)”

I know, another guessing one, but it’s more or less multiple choice! If it’s too tricky, we’ll post a hint later this week in our Twitter feed. Don’t forget to discuss with your teammates! We’re trying something new this week: submit your answers here :!

Q1 Trivia #7, Already!

This quarter is just flying by, we’re already up to question #7! The answers to last week’s question, “How many people currently work at ESK?” was, in fact, 9 – the 8 people featured in our meet the staff blog series plus Dan, my husband, owner of BetterBots as we learned several weeks ago, and Eat Sleep Knit’s intrepid programmer, without whom the website would not function even half as well. He unsurprisingly didn’t really have a favorite knitting project, so we’re working on something a little different for him.

All correct answers have been credited though I haven’t had a chance to send confirmation e-mails this week yet – if you don’t see it, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and I am going to try to squeeze in an hour to get replies out.

Roboknitters! Y’all submitted the most trivia answers this week, congratulations! Keep it up!

I’ve gone ahead and posted Question 7 on Twitter just now: In terms of cost per yard, what yarn is the best deal in the whole store?

As always, e-mail your answers by Friday to trivia at esk spelled out dot com along with your name or user name for your ESK account. Enjoy!

Q1 Trivia Question #6

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through our little game! We’re having lots of fun with this and really hope you all are too.

Last week’s question was: “How many IKEA Expedits are currently in service at ESK?”


A confession: though we wrote these questions last year, we had not counted yet (not least because we’re always adding new ones). So we had to count too. I had originally said we’d accept answers within 3 but I decided to accept answers within 5 once I realized we had a ton more than even I knew – 84 in total! Congrats to those who got it right and the intrepid locals who came to count; even in person counting was quite challenging!

I know some of you were a bit peeved by last week’s question, and, okay, I’ll just say it – you’ve worried me a bit. I hope that we’ve not given you the wrong impression that this is supposed to be some kind of onerous task! The origins of this are really quite simple – here in Atlanta, bar trivia is quite a popular social activity. Each night there are dozens of restaurants and bars that host, and you meet up with a gang of friends and eat moderately unhealthy food and have hours of good fun debating and discussing the possible answers to trivia questions that you can not possibly know all of the answers to.

We wanted to bring you that same feeling, as much as we could, virtually with your fellow teammates. The thrill of the hunt, the fun of the discussion and learning more about ESK, the yarns we carry, and our employees and customers (each quarter’s questions have a theme, see!). We also didn’t want to make it mindnumbingly difficult, so we’ll have loads of questions whose answers can be found with a little internet supersleuthing. But some of the questions won’t! But we’ll always make sure you have access to enough info for an educated guess, like this week, and we try to be fair in giving credit for answers, and we hope that you have fun uncovering the answers no matter what type of question it is. And most importantly, if you hate this, and aren’t having fun, join us in something you like better, like the knit-a-long! Just please please know our goal is FUN!

This week’s question is a little more straightforward, because you deserve a rest!
Question #6: How many people work for ESK, including owners Erin & Dan?
As always, e-mail your answers by Friday to trivia at eat sleep knit dot com. Please try to include your ESK username or full name!

Also, as Monday is a holiday and I’ve be traveling this weekend away from internet access, it may take me until Monday afternoon to get the answers credited and posted so don’t panic if you don’t get an e-mail Sunday as usual!

Friday Five – Kauni Edition

Another Friday, another Friday Five! I have to tell you that this little Friday obligation has really started to cause some trouble as my pattern browsing was previously limited to a couple of times a quarter. This weekly trawling has resulted in a queue a mile long and me with no time to knit it all! We are having our first shop knit night tonight, and at present I have plans to cast on and complete three projects just to stay on top of it all.

Anyhow, I digress. So, you may have noticed that we very recently started stocking Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn. This is a yarn that makes me a little woozy with its loveliness (I don’t know what’s with me and all the hyperbolic adjectives today.), but I have a hard time picking the right project for it. Thus began my search for great Kauni projects, of which there are many, everything from a simple pullover to an incredibly complex blanket and a universe in between.

Persian_dreams-4_mediumPersian Dreams. I know, you all think I’m crazy. I’m not saying it would happen overnight, but this is a lovely long-term, planned project. Each hexagon is worked separately, then grafted to the whole, making this the kind of thing where you could plan to knit one hexagon every week or two, and before you know it, a blanket! Journey of a thousand miles, as the saying goes. And the reward is this stunning blanket!

Nymphalidea3_medium2Nymphalidea is a fairly new free pattern from Knitty, which alternates a solid fingering weight yarn with a color change yarn like Kauni Effektgarn to create an ethereal butterfly-like effect in this shoulder-length triangular shawl.

The open lacework is a real yardage-saver, so this is also a great project for those smaller (and thus cheaper!) skeins of Effektgarn or as a stashbuster with your solid colored sock yarns.


lightboxesLightboxes is another similarly-styled shawl with an entirely different look, using a solid stockinette background and textured boxes to display Effektgarn to its fullest.

The gauge and length of this shawl can be altered to suit your preferences (or amount of available yarn) for a customizable, colorful shawl.


fairislerapidsIf you’re more like me and tend to admire shawls only on other people, Fair Isle Rapids is another great way to wear your Effektgarn around your neck.

Originally knit in two solid colors, this pattern has been a go-to for knitters wanting to showcase a color change yarn for several years now, and we encourage you to follow in their intrepid footsteps.


stripedsweaterYou really can’t go wrong with a basic striped sweater using a color change yarn. Mon petit gilet raye is a free download (English instructions on pages 4-6) with some simple cast-on and shaping instructions to help guide you along your way.

For smaller sizes, one 150g+ ball of Effektgarn is often plenty for a sweater like this, or grab a second just to be safe!



Come on, you knew there had to be a number 6 today. I’ve actually had Hippocampus in my queue for an embarrassingly long time, I love them unreasonably.


Meet the ESK Staff! Pt. 8

Hello Eat.Sleep.Knitters! It’s time once again for your favorite blog series: Meet the Staff! It’s pretty close to wrapping up so we’ll have to devise another delightful series soon! Pressure!

Today we introduce the mysterious Lindsay, Queen of Shipping, who ships packages so fast you wonder if she’s superhuman (even after all these years, we’re still not sure)! 🙂 Alas, Lindsay isn’t a knitter, so we changed up our interview questions a little:

Has working in a yarn store gotten you interested in learning to knit or crochet?
Yes. I did try it out for a little bit to see what all the fuss was about. I heard that it’s very relaxing, but I’m just too impatient and too much of a perfectionist for it.

What has been the most surprising part of working in a yarn store being a non-knitter?
The variety of projects. Y’all don’t just make scarves (as many non-knitters believe). There are patterns out there for shoes, skirts, pet costumes, lampshades, you name it. It’s absurd!

What’s your favorite type of project?
Fair isle sweaters. They just look so sweet and cozy. (Like Umbrellas, Grettir, or Chickadee)

What’s your favorite part about the job?
Imagining the beautiful projects people are making from their orders.

What’s your favorite shipping box?
How could I possibly choose?

What’s your favorite color?
Purples: plum, violet, lavender, orchid, magenta….

What’s your favorite yarn that we carry?
SweetGeorgia yarns – the colors are so bright and cheerful!

What’s your favorite season?
Spring. Some people argue that autumn is the most beautiful in GA, but I believe it’s spring. I love all the flowering trees and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

What’s your favorite sports team?
Atlanta Braves. My husband and I try to go to opening weekend every year. I can Tomahawk Chop like a pro! I can’t wait for the new season to start – another reason to love spring.

What’s your favorite movie, TV show or music?
For movies – I love anything from my childhood. Movies from the 80’s and 90’s.  When it comes to the radio, I prefer to listen to talk/news radio. I feel like I’ve heard every song a few too many times.

Since you don’t knit, what’s your favorite hobby or past time?
I like puzzles and I read a lot. My husband and I really like hiking. We also have 3 tiny dogs that take up a lot of our time.

Where is your favorite vacation destination?
Jekyll Island, GA. My husband and I just eloped there in August. It was beautiful. We’ll be going back for years.

Also: In cast you haven’t heard – we’re going to have our inaugural Eat.Sleep.Knit Night this Friday evening 5-7pm!! If you’re in the area, please join us! If you aren’t, join us in spirit! We’ve got some wonderfully comfy couches and a need to socialize while working on our projects! 🙂 We’ll have water, tea, coffee and some kind of snacky-snack to share.

We’ll be running the Knit Night each Friday in February and if interest is high (as in enough folks join in the fun) we’ll keep it going! So be sure to stop in, we’d love to see you!!

Q1 Trivia Question #5

Last week’s question was, “What business shares space with ESK?”

The answer is none other than BetterBots, my husband’s educational robot business. At his job at Georgia Tech, he was part of a project to develop these robots that they sell to schools across the world. As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of space for inventory in a college robotics lab! When we leased a space that was so much larger than we needed originally, it was the perfect solution for everyone. Correct answers have been e-mailed and your yardage has been credited. If you didn’t get this week’s answer, make sure you check out your team’s thread in our Ravelry group! Our internet super sleuths have been posting and discussing their answers every week for the group to benefit from!

This week’s question is:
Q5: How many IKEA Expedits are currently in service at ESK? Follow the link for a helpful photo hint! (An Expedit is the shelving unit that we use almost exclusively for our yarn displays.)

E-mail your answers, along with your full name or ESK username, by Friday to trivia at esk (spelled out) dot com!