You Know You're Busy When…

You drop off a load of boxes at the post office, and they tell you they had to call regional headquarters for assistance with an “emergency situation.” That would be us! Good work everybody!

We actually had to hold out our last batch of orders, mostly one and two skein orders shipping in padded mailers, due to the volume of orders and laws of physics. If you didn’t get a shipping notice yet, look for one first thing Monday A.M.!

Black Friday Surprise Sale

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S. and those of you celebrating abroad! Our Black Friday Surprise Sale was so popular last year that we’ve decided to do it again, and we are more prepared than ever – shop with Eat.Sleep.Knit on Friday, November 27th, and you’ll get a surprise discount between 10 and 100% off (yes, 100%) of your entire order.

How it works: Starting at 10 AM ET, visit the store and fill up your cart. You’ll go through the checkout process as usual, enter your billing information, and click on “Complete Order.” Your order confirmation page will then display your personal surprise discount and your order total will be adjusted accordingly! All orders will receive a discount of at least 10%, all the way up to 100% (that means your order could be free!). You could win half off, 30% off, 75% off, but no matter what, you will receive at least 10% off, and the odds of getting more are quite good! The sale ends at 5 PM (Eastern US time), and all orders transmitted after that time will be charged at regular prices. Gift certificates and club memberships are excluded from the sale and will not be available for purchase on the website during this time frame.

10K Club Members! As a special perk to you, our most loyal customers, we will have a one hour “preview” for you before the sale – you’ll be able to shop the sale starting at 9 AM ET. This is only for customers who are in our 10K club (you should have a 10K medallion on your account page) and any orders placed during this time period will not receive the sale discounts if you are NOT in the 10K club.

Please remember that we do not accept returns on sale yarn, so all orders are final and there are no cancellations or returns once they have begun to be processed or shipped.

Because of the response we are anticipating to this event, it may take us until Tuesday to get all of the orders out, Yarn Marathon prizes earned may be shipped separately, and we can not combine ANY orders or offer yarn winding for any yarn sold during the sale. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us as this is the fastest way to reach us, but bear in mind that due to the volume of orders and e-mail we’ll be receiving, it may take us several hours to get back to you.

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Cupcake Mitten Kits!

If you haven’t seen her patterns before, SpillyJane has a whole bevy of amazing and adorable colorwork mitten and sock patterns, from robots and skulls to seascapes and traditional patterning. I am a big fan! And when she released the Cupcake Mittens this fall, I knew right away that I had to cast on as soon as possible.


And, okay, I’ll admit it – I had to make these in Tosh Sock because it is really soft and the array of colors is not only gorgeous but also allowed me to duplicate the colors of the original with yarn we had available immediately. But since they are 4 oz skeins, I hated the idea of breaking into a whopping 9 skeins when I’d only use small amounts of 8 of them. Hence, the kits were born!


I wanted to offer some background color options, so I’ve selected four that work well with the eight-color cupcake motif – Clover, Denim, Tern, and Wood Violet. I used one with Clover as the background color to make the mittens above. These are a quick holiday knit, especially if you have a cupcake lover in your life!

Blog In Progress

Hello from our new blog software – you may have noticed that our blog broke last week when our web host upgraded the server it lives on. They haven’t been able to help us fix it, and it appears that you need to be some kind of super coder to decipher the resultant mess, so we’re moving to a new platform that our web admin knows how to make go. I’ll be transferring the old entries over as quickly as possible; sorry for any inconvenience.