Black Friday Surprise Sale 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S. and those of you celebrating abroad! Continuing the tradition, our Black Friday Surprise Sale is back this year. Shop with Eat.Sleep.Knit on Friday, November 29th, (that’s tomorrow!) and you’ll get a surprise discount between 10 and 100% off (yes, 100%) of your entire order.

How it works: Starting at 10 AM ET, visit the store and fill up your cart. You’ll go through the checkout process as usual, enter your billing information, and click on “Submit Order.” Your order confirmation page will then display your personal surprise discount and your order total will be adjusted accordingly. All orders will receive a discount of at least 10%, all the way up to 100% (that means your order could be free!). You could win half off, 30% off, 75% off, but no matter what, you will receive at least 10% off, and the odds of getting more are quite good! The sale ends at 4 PM (Eastern US time), and all orders transmitted after that time will be charged at regular prices. Gift certificates are excluded from the sale and will not be available for purchase on the website during this time frame.
Please remember that we do not accept returns on sale yarn, so all orders are final and there are no cancellations or returns once they have begun to be processed or shipped. Due to the popularity of this sale, we can not make any exceptions to this.
Because of the response we are anticipating to this event, and we can not combine orders or offer yarn winding for any yarn sold during the sale.
10K Club Members! As a special perk to you, our most loyal customers, we will have a one hour “preview” for you before the sale – you’ll be able to shop the sale starting at 9 AM ET. This is only for customers who are in our 10K club (you should have a 10K medallion on your account page if you made it this year, or if you were eligible previous years then you are still in it as well) and any orders placed during this time period will not receive the sale discounts if you are NOT in the 10K club. Due to the large volume of orders being processed during this time, we will not be able to cancel any orders after 9 AM; please be sure you are in the 10K club if you take advantage of this preview period.
If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us as this is the fastest way to reach us, but bear in mind that due to the volume of orders and e-mail we’ll be receiving, it may take us several hours to get back to you.
Happy shopping, and knitting!

Friday Five – 11/22/13

First, a reminder: our retail store will be closed for the entire Thanksgiving week, from 11/25/13 through 12/2/13. We will resume our regular retail orders on Tuesday, 12/3. Online orders will continue shipping as usual!

So, the thing about the “Friday Five” is that I don’t think any of us really come up with five patterns we love every week – it’s more like, I go on a big Ravelry binge and queue 35 patterns all at once, 34 of which I’ll probably never get to, and then I don’t look at patterns again for another few weeks. So this week, I was having trouble finding new material for this post, until a stroke of genius – Friday Five, Blast from the Past edition! I went back into my queue looking for the gems that I added and abandoned so long ago I’d forgotten all about them, and I love them just as much today.

bayerischeBayerische SocksEunny Jang’s blog was one of the first knitting blogs I started following religiously, and I’ve always found her designs inspirational.

I printed out this pattern to knit the day she posted it, but sadly it’s never happened! Though now that you are all following along with my spectacularly ridiculous sock knitting in the Sock-A-Long, perhaps this makes quite a bit of sense. Still, these socks are beautiful. One day!!

checkerboardlace-425_mediumCheckerboard Lace Scarf. This free scarf pattern uses a single skein of fingering weight yarn, and every time I see it, I want to queue it again – it’s so elegant!

I imagine it knit in something really luxurious, Mini Maiden or SweetGeorgia Merino Silk Fine or maybe some really delicate cashmere.

selbumodern4_medium2Selbu Modern. How pretty is this?! Selbu Modern is a fingering weight, two-color beret, and a free pattern to boot. I even cast on for it once, but my color choice was terrible and it was abandoned once more.

This one really needs to go back to the top of the queue!

juneberryOh, Juneberry. I wanted to knit this the moment it came out – it’s rustic, it’s knit in a heavier (sport or worsted, your choice) weight yarn, it’s got cables and bobbles and it’s both practical and pretty. My friend even gifted me the pattern. And still, it languishes in the bottom of the queue.

This would be really nice in something like ShibuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK or Juniper Moon Farm’s Herriot.




Argyle Jacket! I am kind of shocked so few people have knit this yet, four years after I queued it. Clearly, I need to get on it and start a trend. It’s tailored, it’s adorable, it’s ARGYLE. Pick your palette and go!

We’ve been developing some three and four-color palettes in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport for a secret store project, maybe I’ll steal one of those and just go for it!



santastockingP.S. In my “Meet the Staff” interview, I mentioned that I actually learned to knit in order to recreate my family Christmas stockings. It was a vintage Bernat pattern that eventually was posted on Ravelry, but had been removed at the time of the posting. Well, it’s back now, as a free Ravelry download, so I had to share – everyone in our family has one of these, including our newest additions.

Happy Wednesday!

Greetings and Salutations! I hope everyone is having a great day! And if for some reason you aren’t, I hope this helps cheer you up! Just thought I’d share a few fun things happening around the store this week. Maybe something to take your mind off some of the impending Holiday Stress or just your average Wednesday Woes. 🙂

A huge Thank You goes out to Kim and Rosemary for sending us some adorable (and SPARKLY!) cards with their Lotto Cards! They’re so cute and I can’t wait to hang them on the Customer Love board.

Many yarn shipments have been showing up on our doorstep of late, so if you’ve been hunting down a certain base, color, or brand – be sure to have your Wishlist set to email you when it’s back on the shelves! It could arrive at any time and we don’t want you to miss out!


Recently we started carrying brand new Tote Bags! They’re just as durable as the all blue bag but with new graphics and new features! The pink bag is the same size as the blue bag, but PINK and features the handy front pocket and a spiffy new logo declaring your love for ESK! The tan bag has the gorgeous blue on the base as well as the *longer* straps, features a snap to keep your things from falling out, and our adorable kitty mascot knitting away on the front! Both bags are quite roomy, durable canvas and are available for sale now.

How about a little Sock-Along Update: we’re all still on our first sock! It’s been just a little busy around the store of late what with making plans for next year, helping folks get yarn for their holiday projects, taking inventory, and countless restocks we’ve let our socks languish around the shop. But we aren’t giving up hope! There’s still almost a month until the Finished Socks contest and we’re pretty sure we can make it! Thanks to all the cheerleaders in our Sock-Along Ravelry thread for keeping everyone motivated! We love you!
For more yarny goodness, keep your eyes on our Ravelry group and our Facebook page – both are sure to inform and entertain! If you’re a Pinner, check out our array of boards and pins on our Pinterest page. And if you prefer your yarn news mainly in pictures or manageable 140 character bites, follow our Instagram and Twitter feeds!

Meet the ESK Staff Pt. 4

It’s time once again to get to know the staffers at the greatest yarn shop! We’ve been so busy lately with restocks, new yarns, and new developments for 2014 that I almost forgot to post another interview! Lucky for you, I remembered just in time.

So today we introduce Jenny the Graphics Guru!

What type(s) of crafting do you do?
Paper crafting, painting, knitting, and hot-gluing stuff to other stuff

How long have you been knitting and how did you learn?
Just over 2 years. My best friend took me to a class as a birthday surprise because it was something I had always wanted to try. Two months later I got a job here at Eat.Sleep.Knit. and moved to Atlanta!

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite type of project?
I love hats because they’re quick and I have a good head for them.

What’s your favorite yarn that we carry?
Malabrigo Worsted and Twist

Where do you find inspiration?
Anything that makes me laugh!

What’s the Finished Object you’re most proud of completing?
My bunny slippers that I wear almost every day. Technically only one of them got bunnified, but at this point, that’s as finished as they will ever be. {Editor’s Note: I was going to link to these as they are super-cute, but Miss Jenny hasn’t added them to her Ravelry page! For shame! The pattern used was Hopsalots.}

English vs. Continental?

What’s your favorite “advanced” technique?
Untangling wads of yarn.

Who is your favorite designer?
Tiny Owl Knits

What’s your favorite knitting resource?
I don’t really follow knitting much, so I just trust the advice and suggestions of my savvy co-workers.

What’s your favorite non-yarn-related hobby?
Painting and photoshopping peoples heads on stuff.

Where is your favorite vacation destination?
Sanibel Island!

Friday Five 11/15/13

With the holidays approaching, many crafters are starting to come up with gift ideas for friends and loved ones. We’d love to share with you some of our favorite patterns, with yarn suggestions to help inspire you! Today we’ll take a look at patterns that will really show off a single skein of some of our gorgeous luxury yarns.

Jess & Tiffany’s Favorite Luxurious One Skein Projects for Gifting


The Herringbone Cowl is a classy and cozy neckwarmer that would look great in a variety of yarns!  The pattern calls for just one skein of Manos del Uruguay SIlk Blend, but we think it would also be amazing in Handmaiden Cashmere 4-ply! So soft!



SweetGeorgia Yarns offers the delightful Ginger Rib Scarf which will brighten the day of any giftee (or yourself!) in the scrumptious SweetGeorgia Merino Silk Aran!






An amazing last-minute gift, Fetching mitts are wonderful in any yarn, but consider how warm and beautiful your hands will be using Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb yarn. Not to mention the fun you’ll have choosing from all the amazing colors!







The Café Beret from Blue Sky Alpacas is another quick, quick project with a big Wow Factor.  Pick up just one skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Techno for an unforgettable gift!







For the lace lovers in the crowd, the Princess-Peacock Shawl is a gorgeous piece, sure to please any recipient!  Knit it up in Silk Lace from Claudia Handpainted Yarn for extra sheen, drape, and unbeatable colors!

Needle Knowledge!

Choosing Needles Part 1
By Tiffany McGriff

The other day I made a Ravelry post joking about the number of US 7 (4.5mm) needles I have accumulated. This is in part because I do keep multiple works in progress and I want to work on something new without finishing an older project. Looking further over my needle collection, I realized I have different needles because I have different uses for each of them. There are so many needle choices available to knitters; where do you even begin to choose?

Single Pointed, Double Pointed, and Circulars

Almost every knitter I have talked to has started with straight, single point needles.StraightNeedles

These needles are great for knitting flat pieces such as scarves, dishcloths, and sweater pieces. As an added bonus, straight needles tend to be a bit less expensive than circulars. But what if you want to make something that isn’t flat? You can either seam together a flat object, or you can use double pointed or circular needles.

Double pointed needles (DPN’s) are similar to single points, as they are still straight, however they are usually smaller in length and you can manipulate stitches from both ends of the needle.DPNs

These needles are great for knitting smaller circular pieces such as socks, hats, and gloves.

Circular Needles are the most versatile needle, as you can use them just as you would single points or join in the round for circular projects .Circular

These needles can be found in lengths ranging from 8 inches up to 60 inches, which are great for smaller projects such as fingerless mittens or larger projects such as blankets. Circular needles can also be used for special techniques such as using two circulars at the same time or magic-loop.

In “Choosing Needles Part 2” I will be talking about the various needle materials and how they work with different yarns!

Friday Five – 11/8/13

Iiiiiiiit’s Friday! Time for planning your projects for the weekend – so much to knit and so very little time. Especially if you’re doing any holiday knitting; I get hives just thinking about how few days there are between now and Christmas (and there are even fewer if you’re knitting for Hanukkah!)

First I wanted to mention that Flax is out now, the free pullover pattern from tin can knits fantastic Simple Collection. This is a really fabulous collection that Alexa and Emily have provided for you to learn new knitting techniques while creating garments and accessories that can fit the whole family.


Some quick gift ideas:

elinorDunbar’s Point Mittens – these call for just one skein of the yummy soft Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes and the project really is perfect for this plump and luxurious-looking yarn. I actually favorited these a while ago for possible holiday gifting and was delighted to find them anew.

In my wild imaginings, I think that I could knock out a pair of these during one of the two days of driving we are doing for the holidays, maybe you could too!

pattern_bloodwood-5_mediumSlightly more involved, but oh so lovely – Bloodwood Cowl. Knit with two contrasting colors of SweetGeorgia’s Tough Love Sock, this reversible cowl is a really striking winter accessory for you or a loved one.

This would also be really special in two lighter colors, something like Glacier and Silver!

Knit_Steek_and_Cuddle_-_01_medium2The Knit, Steek and Cuddle pillows might look a little intense, but think of how impressed your giftee will be! And I like my knitting to be a little sporting anyway, don’t you?

This designer is participating in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long, which means if you’d like to participate, you can enjoy this pattern at 25% off with the coupon code “giftalong” when you buy before November 15th!

twistyshawlThe Color Twister Shawl is a great idea for that special skein of hand-dyed yarn.

Paired with a cabled border in a complimentary solid color, the design of this shawl really makes a variegated yarn pop! Or knit it all in one color for your more reserved friends and family members.




And in my continuing tradition of cheating on the five with extra patterns, well, here – have a Sammich. (It’s amigurmi! And it’s knit!)